IC Switch Quad DPDT 28TQFN

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This presentation will provide a high level overview of PCIe interface, where the interface is used in high speed applications and highlight common challenges designers face when implementing this high speed interface in high speed channels. The module will show how Maxim’s PCIe redriver solutions overcome and solve the common application challenges, highlighting the key benefits and features of the product portfolio and application examples illustrating how the solution fits and works in a typical industrial PC system.
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Related Parts

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionPackagingPart StatusApplicationsAvailable Quantity
MAX4888BETI+ datasheet linkIC SWITCH QUAD DPDT 28TQFNMAX4888BETI+IC SWITCH QUAD DPDT 28TQFNTubeActivePCIe1349 - Immediate
1815 - Factory Stock
MAX4888BETI+ product page link
33950 - Factory Stock
MAX4889BETO+ product page link
MAX14954ETO+ datasheet linkIC REDRIVER PCIE 4CH 42TQFNMAX14954ETO+IC REDRIVER PCIE 4CH 42TQFNTubeActiveBuffer, ReDriver481 - Immediate
1830 - Factory Stock
MAX14954ETO+ product page link
MAX4888BGTI+ datasheet linkIC SWITCH QUAD SPDT 28TQFNMAX4888BGTI+IC SWITCH QUAD SPDT 28TQFNTubeObsoletePCIe55 - Immediate
MAX4888BGTI+ product page link
MAX14955ETL+ datasheet linkIC REDRIVER PCIE 1CH 40TQFNMAX14955ETL+IC REDRIVER PCIE 1CH 40TQFNTubeObsoleteBuffer, ReDriver60 - Immediate
MAX14955ETL+ product page link
MAX4888BETI+T datasheet linkIC SWITCH QUAD DPDT 28TQFNMAX4888BETI+TIC SWITCH QUAD DPDT 28TQFNTape & Reel (TR)ActivePCIe0MAX4888BETI+T product page link
MAX4889BETO+T datasheet linkIC SWITCH OCTAL SPDT 42TQFNMAX4889BETO+TIC SWITCH OCTAL SPDT 42TQFNTape & Reel (TR)ActivePCIe20000 - Factory StockMAX4889BETO+T product page link
MAX14954ETO+T datasheet linkIC REDRIVER PCIE 4CH 42TQFNMAX14954ETO+TIC REDRIVER PCIE 4CH 42TQFNTape & Reel (TR)ActiveBuffer, ReDriver0MAX14954ETO+T product page link
MAX14982ETO+ datasheet linkIC REDRIVER PCIE 1CH 42TQFNMAX14982ETO+IC REDRIVER PCIE 1CH 42TQFNTubeObsoleteBuffer, ReDriver0MAX14982ETO+ product page link
MAX4888BGTI+T datasheet linkIC SWITCH QUAD SPDT 28TQFNMAX4888BGTI+TIC SWITCH QUAD SPDT 28TQFNTape & Reel (TR)ObsoletePCIe0MAX4888BGTI+T product page link
MAX14955ETL+T datasheet linkIC REDRIVER PCIE 1CH 40TQFNMAX14955ETL+TIC REDRIVER PCIE 1CH 40TQFNTape & Reel (TR)ObsoleteBuffer, ReDriver0MAX14955ETL+T product page link
MAX14982ETO+T datasheet linkIC REDRIVER PCIE 1CH 42TQFNMAX14982ETO+TIC REDRIVER PCIE 1CH 42TQFNTape & Reel (TR)ActiveBuffer, ReDriver0MAX14982ETO+T product page link

Eval Boards and Kits

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionPart StatusMain PurposeEmbeddedAvailable Quantity
MAX4889BEVKIT+ datasheet linkKIT EVALUATION FOR MAX4889B/CMAX4889BEVKIT+KIT EVALUATION FOR MAX4889B/CActiveInterface, Analog SwitchNo2 - Immediate
3 - Factory Stock
MAX4889BEVKIT+ product page link
MAX14982EVKIT# datasheet linkKIT EVALUATION FOR MAX14982MAX14982EVKIT#KIT EVALUATION FOR MAX14982ActiveInterface, Re-Driver-0MAX14982EVKIT# product page link
MAX14954EVKIT# datasheet linkEVALUATION KIT FOR MAX14954MAX14954EVKIT#EVALUATION KIT FOR MAX14954ActiveInterface, Re-Driver-0MAX14954EVKIT# product page link
MAX14955EVKIT# datasheet linkKIT EVALUATION FOR MAX14955MAX14955EVKIT#KIT EVALUATION FOR MAX14955ObsoleteInterface, Re-Driver-0MAX14955EVKIT# product page link
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