IC ADC Serial 8bit 8CH 16-QSOP

MAX116xx I²C ADC Family Overview

Maxim Integrated

This tutorial introduces a new family of I2C ADCs from Maxim.
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Related Parts
Manufacturer Part NumberDescriptionPackagingNumber of BitsSampling Rate (Per Second)Available QuantityBuy Now
MAX11617EEE+IC ADC 12BIT I2C/SRL 16QSOPTube1294.4k334 - Immediate
755 - Factory Stock
MAX11616EEE+IC ADC SERIAL 12BIT 12CH 16-QSOPTube1294.4k1034 - Immediate
5476 - Factory Stock
MAX11607EUA+IC ADC I2C/SRL 10BIT 4CH 8UMAXTube1094.4k453 - Immediate
3350 - Factory Stock
MAX11612EUA+IC ADC I2C/SRL 12BIT 4CH 8UMAXTube1294.4k1375 - Immediate
3078 - Factory Stock
MAX11605EEE+IC ADC SERIAL 8BIT 12CH 16-QSOPTube8188k268 - Immediate
4526 - Factory Stock
MAX11606EUA+IC ADC I2C/SRL 10BIT 4CH 8UMAXTube1094.4k265 - Immediate
7600 - Factory Stock
MAX11603EEE+IC ADC SERIAL 8BIT 8CH 16-QSOPTube8188k293 - Immediate
5492 - Factory Stock
MAX11602EEE+IC ADC SERIAL 8BIT 8CH 16-QSOPTube8188k111 - Immediate
4100 - Factory Stock
MAX11614EEE+IC ADC SERIAL 12BIT 8CH 16-QSOPTube1294.4k167 - Immediate
2230 - Factory Stock
MAX11615EEE+IC ADC 12BIT I2C/SRL 16QSOPTube1294.4k83 - Immediate
1593 - Factory Stock
MAX11604EEE+IC ADC SERIAL 8BIT 12CH 16-QSOPTube8188k87 - Immediate
7427 - Factory Stock
MAX11608EEE+IC ADC SERIAL 10BIT 8CH 16-QSOPTube1094.4k99 - Immediate
2284 - Factory Stock
MAX11613EUA+IC ADC I2C/SRL 12BIT 4CH 8UMAXTube1294.4k0
MAX11609EEE+IC ADC SERIAL 10BIT 8CH 16-QSOPTube1094.4k3264 - Factory Stock
MAX11611EEE+IC ADC SERIAL 10BIT 12CH 16-QSOPTube1094.4k5 - Immediate
3638 - Factory Stock
MAX11610EEE+IC ADC SERIAL 10BIT 12CH 16-QSOPTube1094.4k2917 - Factory Stock
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PTM Published on: 2011-10-31