IC ADC 24 SRL 480sps 16QSOP

MAX11200 ADC Overview

Maxim Integrated

This tutorial will provide an overview of Maxim’s 24-bit to 16-bit delta sigma analog to digital converters, including the MAX11200 24-bit ADC family.
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ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionPackagingPart StatusNumber of BitsAvailable Quantity
MAX11210EEE+ datasheet linkIC ADC 24BIT SPI/SRL 5SPS 16QSOPMAX11210EEE+IC ADC 24BIT SPI/SRL 5SPS 16QSOPTubeActive24512 - Immediate
MAX11210EEE+ product page link
MAX11206EEE+ datasheet linkIC ADC 20BIT 16QSOPMAX11206EEE+IC ADC 20BIT 16QSOPTubeActive20360 - Immediate
MAX11206EEE+ product page link
MAX11201AEUB+ datasheet linkIC ADC 24BIT SRL 120SPS 10UMAXMAX11201AEUB+IC ADC 24BIT SRL 120SPS 10UMAXTubeActive24227 - Immediate
31200 - Factory Stock
MAX11201AEUB+ product page link
MAX11200EEE+ datasheet linkIC ADC 24 SRL 480SPS 16QSOPMAX11200EEE+IC ADC 24 SRL 480SPS 16QSOPTubeActive24223 - Immediate
2100 - Factory Stock
MAX11200EEE+ product page link
MAX1416EUE+ datasheet linkIC ADC 16BIT DELTA SIGMA 16TSSOPMAX1416EUE+IC ADC 16BIT DELTA SIGMA 16TSSOPTubeActive16286 - Immediate
960 - Factory Stock
MAX1416EUE+ product page link
MAX1415EUE+ datasheet linkIC ADC 16BIT DELTA SIGMA 16TSSOPMAX1415EUE+IC ADC 16BIT DELTA SIGMA 16TSSOPTubeActive16156 - Immediate
MAX1415EUE+ product page link
MAX1416EPE+ datasheet linkIC ADC 16BIT DELTA SIGMA 16-DIPMAX1416EPE+IC ADC 16BIT DELTA SIGMA 16-DIPTubeActive16274 - Immediate
2125 - Factory Stock
MAX1416EPE+ product page link
MAX11203EEE+ datasheet linkIC ADC 16BIT SPI/SRL 16QSOPMAX11203EEE+IC ADC 16BIT SPI/SRL 16QSOPTubeActive16275 - Immediate
MAX11203EEE+ product page link
MAX11208AEUB+ datasheet linkIC ADC 20BIT SRL 120SPS 10UMAXMAX11208AEUB+IC ADC 20BIT SRL 120SPS 10UMAXTubeActive24416 - Immediate
1000 - Factory Stock
MAX11208AEUB+ product page link
MAX11213EEE+ datasheet linkIC ADC 16BIT 16QSOPMAX11213EEE+IC ADC 16BIT 16QSOPTubeActive16474 - Immediate
MAX11213EEE+ product page link
MAX11202AEUB+ datasheet linkIC ADC 24BIT SRL 120SPS 10UMAXMAX11202AEUB+IC ADC 24BIT SRL 120SPS 10UMAXTubeActive24253 - Immediate
21550 - Factory Stock
MAX11202AEUB+ product page link
MX7705EUE+ datasheet linkIC ADC 16BIT 2CH 16-TSSOPMX7705EUE+IC ADC 16BIT 2CH 16-TSSOPTubeActive16281 - Immediate
192 - Factory Stock
MX7705EUE+ product page link
MAX11207EEE+ datasheet linkIC ADC 20BIT 480SPS 16QSOPMAX11207EEE+IC ADC 20BIT 480SPS 16QSOPTubeActive201017 - Immediate
8900 - Factory Stock
MAX11207EEE+ product page link
MAX11212AEUB+ datasheet linkIC ADC 18BIT SRL 120SPS 10UMAXMAX11212AEUB+IC ADC 18BIT SRL 120SPS 10UMAXTubeActive18366 - Immediate
MAX11212AEUB+ product page link
MAX1403EAI+ datasheet linkIC ADC 18BIT LP 28-SSOPMAX1403EAI+IC ADC 18BIT LP 28-SSOPTubeActive18100 - Immediate
MAX1403EAI+ product page link
MAX1402CAI+ datasheet linkIC ADC 18BIT LP 28-SSOPMAX1402CAI+IC ADC 18BIT LP 28-SSOPTubeActive1875 - Immediate
MAX1402CAI+ product page link
MAX1402EAI+ datasheet linkIC ADC 18BIT LP 28-SSOPMAX1402EAI+IC ADC 18BIT LP 28-SSOPTubeActive1867 - Immediate
MAX1402EAI+ product page link
MAX11208BEUB+ datasheet linkIC ADC 20BIT SRL 13.75SPS 10UMAXMAX11208BEUB+IC ADC 20BIT SRL 13.75SPS 10UMAXTubeActive2447 - Immediate
10750 - Factory Stock
MAX11208BEUB+ product page link
MAX11209EEE+ datasheet linkIC ADC 18BIT 16QSOPMAX11209EEE+IC ADC 18BIT 16QSOPTubeActive1898 - Immediate
4900 - Factory Stock
MAX11209EEE+ product page link
MX7705EWE+ datasheet linkIC ADC 16BIT 2CH 16-SOICMX7705EWE+IC ADC 16BIT 2CH 16-SOICTubeActive1630 - Immediate
1288 - Factory Stock
MX7705EWE+ product page link
MAX1403CAI+ datasheet linkIC ADC 18BIT LP 28-SSOPMAX1403CAI+IC ADC 18BIT LP 28-SSOPTubeActive1815 - Immediate
322 - Factory Stock
MAX1403CAI+ product page link
MAX1400EAI+ datasheet linkIC ADC 18BIT LP 28-SSOPMAX1400EAI+IC ADC 18BIT LP 28-SSOPTubeActive1814 - Immediate
MAX1400EAI+ product page link
MX7705EPE+ datasheet linkIC ADC 16BIT 2CH 16-DIPMX7705EPE+IC ADC 16BIT 2CH 16-DIPTubeActive1614 - Immediate
1650 - Factory Stock
MX7705EPE+ product page link
MAX11205AEUB+ datasheet linkIC ADC 16BIT SRL 120SPS 10UMAXMAX11205AEUB+IC ADC 16BIT SRL 120SPS 10UMAXTubeActive16200 - Immediate
7700 - Factory Stock
MAX11205AEUB+ product page link
MAX1415EWE+ datasheet linkIC ADC 16BIT DELTA SIGMA 16-SOICMAX1415EWE+IC ADC 16BIT DELTA SIGMA 16-SOICTubeActive1619 - Immediate
2852 - Factory Stock
MAX1415EWE+ product page link
MAX11212BEUB+ datasheet linkIC ADC 18BIT SRL 13.75SPS 10UMAXMAX11212BEUB+IC ADC 18BIT SRL 13.75SPS 10UMAXTubeActive180MAX11212BEUB+ product page link
MAX11208AEUB+T datasheet linkIC ADC 20BIT SRL 120SPS 10UMAXMAX11208AEUB+TIC ADC 20BIT SRL 120SPS 10UMAXTape & Reel (TR)Active240MAX11208AEUB+T product page link
MAX1416EWE+ datasheet linkIC ADC 16BIT DELTA SIGMA 16-SOICMAX1416EWE+IC ADC 16BIT DELTA SIGMA 16-SOICTubeActive16874 - Factory StockMAX1416EWE+ product page link
MAX1401EAI+ datasheet linkIC ADC 18BIT LP 28-SSOPMAX1401EAI+IC ADC 18BIT LP 28-SSOPTubeActive18460 - Factory StockMAX1401EAI+ product page link
MAX11202BEUB+ datasheet linkIC ADC 24BIT SRL 13.75SPS 10UMAXMAX11202BEUB+IC ADC 24BIT SRL 13.75SPS 10UMAXTubeActive240MAX11202BEUB+ product page link
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