IC Switch SPST SC70-5

Low Voltage Analog Switches Overview

Maxim Integrated

This tutorial will introduce customers to Maxim’s broad portfolio of low voltage analog switches including those designed for audio, data, USB, and SD card switching. It will also identify where these switches are used, what their main benefits and advantages are, and highlight key parts commonly used for certain applications.
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Related Parts

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionPackagingPart StatusSwitch CircuitAvailable Quantity
MAX4717EUB+ datasheet linkIC SWITCH SPDT 10UMAXMAX4717EUB+IC SWITCH SPDT 10UMAXTubeActiveSPDT861 - Immediate
300 - Factory Stock
MAX4717EUB+ product page link
MAX4781ETE+T datasheet linkIC MULTIPLEXER 8X1 16TQFNMAX4781ETE+TIC MULTIPLEXER 8X1 16TQFNCut Tape (CT)Active-4086 - Immediate
MAX4781ETE+T product page link
MAX14778ETP+T datasheet linkIC MULTIPLEXER 4X1 20TQFNMAX14778ETP+TIC MULTIPLEXER 4X1 20TQFNCut Tape (CT)ActiveSP4T4603 - Immediate
5000 - Factory Stock
MAX14778ETP+T product page link
MAX4752EUD+ datasheet linkIC SWITCH QUAD SPST 14TSSOPMAX4752EUD+IC SWITCH QUAD SPST 14TSSOPTubeActiveSPST - NO2574 - Immediate
20544 - Factory Stock
MAX4752EUD+ product page link
MAX4814EECB+ datasheet linkIC SW DVI/HDMI 2:4 BIDIR 64-TQFPMAX4814EECB+IC SW DVI/HDMI 2:4 BIDIR 64-TQFPTrayActiveVideo Switch194 - Immediate
MAX4814EECB+ product page link
MAX4707EXK+T datasheet linkIC SWITCH ANLG SPST SC70-5MAX4707EXK+TIC SWITCH ANLG SPST SC70-5Cut Tape (CT)ActiveSPST - NO11738 - Immediate
145000 - Factory Stock
MAX4707EXK+T product page link
27168 - Factory Stock
MAX4751EUD+ product page link
MAX4730EXT+T datasheet linkIC SWITCH SPDT SC70-6MAX4730EXT+TIC SWITCH SPDT SC70-6Cut Tape (CT)ActiveSPDT1562 - Immediate
22500 - Factory Stock
MAX4730EXT+T product page link
MAX4729EXT+T datasheet linkIC SWITCH SPDT SC70-6MAX4729EXT+TIC SWITCH SPDT SC70-6Cut Tape (CT)ActiveSPDT118 - Immediate
MAX4729EXT+T product page link
MAX4906EFELB+T datasheet linkIC USB SWITCH DUAL 1X2 10UDFNMAX4906EFELB+TIC USB SWITCH DUAL 1X2 10UDFNCut Tape (CT)ActiveUSB3469 - Immediate
MAX4906EFELB+T product page link
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PTM Published on: 2012-04-04