Commercial off the Shelf Unintended Consequences

Long-Term Supply Program

Maxim Integrated

This training module will provide an overview of several topics related to the problem of component obsolescence. There will be a discussion of the component history, how the issue developed and some possible root causes. Also, there will be a review of the unintended consequences of the shift from traditional high reliability parts to COTS parts. Lastly there will be an explanation of the unique Maxim obsolescence mitigation program.
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Related Parts

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
71M6521DE-IGT/F datasheet linkIC ENERGY METER 16K FLASH 64LQFP71M6521DE-IGT/FIC ENERGY METER 16K FLASH 64LQFP331 - Immediate
71M6521DE-IGT/F product page link
71M6521FE-IM/F datasheet linkIC ENERGY METER 32K FLASH 68-QFN71M6521FE-IM/FIC ENERGY METER 32K FLASH 68-QFN342 - Immediate
71M6521FE-IM/F product page link
71M6511-IGT/F product page link
71M6531F-IM/F datasheet linkIC ENERGY METER 256KB 68-QFN71M6531F-IM/FIC ENERGY METER 256KB 68-QFN250 - Immediate
71M6531F-IM/F product page link
71M6533-IGT/F datasheet linkIC ENERY METER 3PH 128K 100-LQFP71M6533-IGT/FIC ENERY METER 3PH 128K 100-LQFP277 - Immediate
71M6533-IGT/F product page link
71M6533H-IGT/F datasheet linkIC ENERY METER 3PH 128K 100-LQFP71M6533H-IGT/FIC ENERY METER 3PH 128K 100-LQFP107 - Immediate
71M6533H-IGT/F product page link
71M6531D-IM/F datasheet linkIC ENERGY METER 128KB 68-QFN71M6531D-IM/FIC ENERGY METER 128KB 68-QFN84 - Immediate
71M6531D-IM/F product page link
71M6511-DB datasheet linkBOARD DEMO 71M6511 ENERGY METER71M6511-DBBOARD DEMO 71M6511 ENERGY METER2 - Immediate
71M6511-DB product page link
71M6533-DB datasheet linkBOARD DEMO 71M653371M6533-DBBOARD DEMO 71M65331 - Immediate
71M6533-DB product page link
71M6513-IGT/F datasheet linkIC ENERGY METER 3PH 100-LQFP71M6513-IGT/FIC ENERGY METER 3PH 100-LQFP071M6513-IGT/F product page link
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PTM Published on: 2012-04-04