Multiple Serial Tranceiver

Beyond-the-Rails™ Medium Voltage Multiplexer and Switches

Maxim Integrated

This presentation will explain what beyond-the-rail is and highlight the problems and challenges that the customer may face. It will also provide an overview of Maxim’s ground breaking Beyond-the-Rails™ product family and a summary of its benefits.
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ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionFunctionCircuitAvailable Quantity
MAX14777GTP+ datasheet linkIC SWITCH QUAD SPST 20TQFNMAX14777GTP+IC SWITCH QUAD SPST 20TQFNSwitch4 x SPST364 - Immediate
MAX14777GTP+ product page link
MAX14778ETP+ datasheet linkIC MULTIPLEXER 4:1 20TQFNMAX14778ETP+IC MULTIPLEXER 4:1 20TQFNMultiplexer2 x 4:11531 - Immediate
MAX14778ETP+ product page link
MAX14778ETP+T datasheet linkIC MULTIPLEXER 4X1 20TQFNMAX14778ETP+TIC MULTIPLEXER 4X1 20TQFNMultiplexer2 x 4:1205 - Immediate
5000 - Factory Stock
MAX14778ETP+T product page link
MAX14759ETA+T datasheet linkIC SWITCH SPST 1 OHM 8TDFNMAX14759ETA+TIC SWITCH SPST 1 OHM 8TDFNSwitch1 x SPST0MAX14759ETA+T product page link
MAX14759ETA+ datasheet linkIC SWITCH ANALOG 8TDFNMAX14759ETA+IC SWITCH ANALOG 8TDFNSwitch1 x SPST0MAX14759ETA+ product page link
MAX14763ETA+T datasheet linkIC SWITCH SPDT 2 OHM 8WDFNMAX14763ETA+TIC SWITCH SPDT 2 OHM 8WDFNSwitch1 x SPDT0MAX14763ETA+T product page link
MAX14777GTP+T datasheet linkIC SWITCH QUAD SPST 20TQFNMAX14777GTP+TIC SWITCH QUAD SPST 20TQFNSwitch4 x SPST0MAX14777GTP+T product page link
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PTM Published on: 2014-03-17