1-Wire Transaction

1-Wire® Communications

Maxim Integrated

This tutorial will provide a brief introduction to Maxim’s 1-Wire communications, review technical basics of the protocol, and provide an overview of the 1-Wire functionality.
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Related Parts

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionPackagingFormat - MemoryMemory TypeAvailable Quantity
DS2431P+T&R datasheet linkIC EEPROM 1KBIT 1WIRE 6TSOCDS2431P+T&RIC EEPROM 1KBIT 1WIRE 6TSOCCut Tape (CT)EEPROMs - SerialEEPROM41389 - Immediate
DS2431P+T&R product page link
DS9503P+ datasheet linkTVS DIODE 7.5VWM 6TSOCDS9503P+TVS DIODE 7.5VWM 6TSOCTubeZener129534 - Immediate
DS9503P+ product page link
DS2431P+ datasheet linkIC EEPROM 1KBIT 1WIRE 6TSOCDS2431P+IC EEPROM 1KBIT 1WIRE 6TSOCTubeEEPROMs - SerialEEPROM10255 - Immediate
DS2431P+ product page link
DS2502+ datasheet linkIC OTP 1KBIT 1WIRE TO92-3DS2502+IC OTP 1KBIT 1WIRE TO92-3BulkEPROMsEPROM OTP3396 - Immediate
DS2502+ product page link
DS2413P+ datasheet linkIC SWITCH DL ADDRESS 6-TSOCDS2413P+IC SWITCH DL ADDRESS 6-TSOCTubeAddressable SwitchAccessory ID and Control, Industrial Controllers, LED Control, System Monitoring1010 - Immediate
DS2413P+ product page link
DS1822Z+ datasheet linkSENSOR TEMPERATURE 1-WIRE 8SOICDS1822Z+SENSOR TEMPERATURE 1-WIRE 8SOICTubeDigital, Local-55°C ~ 125°C382 - Immediate
DS1822Z+ product page link
DS1825U+ datasheet linkSENSOR TEMPERATURE 1-WIRE 8UMAXDS1825U+SENSOR TEMPERATURE 1-WIRE 8UMAXTubeDigital, Local-55°C ~ 125°C46 - Immediate
DS1825U+ product page link
DS18B20Z+ datasheet linkSENSOR TEMPERATURE 1-WIRE 8SOICDS18B20Z+SENSOR TEMPERATURE 1-WIRE 8SOICTubeDigital, Local-55°C ~ 125°C633 - Immediate
DS18B20Z+ product page link
DS9503P+T&R datasheet linkTVS DIODE 7.5VWM 6TSOCDS9503P+T&RTVS DIODE 7.5VWM 6TSOCCut Tape (CT)Zener12732 - Immediate
DS9503P+T&R product page link
DS18B20-PAR+T&R datasheet linkSENSOR TEMPERATURE 1-WIRE TO92-3DS18B20-PAR+T&RSENSOR TEMPERATURE 1-WIRE TO92-3Cut Tape (CT)Digital, Local-55°C ~ 125°C1483 - Immediate
DS18B20-PAR+T&R product page link
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PTM Published on: 2011-10-31