Ray Tracing Process

Ray Tracing

Lumex Opto/Components Inc

The objective of this training module is to discuss the process of ray tracing and highlight the key benefits this cutting edge technology can provide for light pipe applications.
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ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionColorConfigurationTypeAvailable Quantity
LPF-C011304S datasheet linkLIGHT PIPE 2.8MM SGL RA POS SMDLPF-C011304SLIGHT PIPE 2.8MM SGL RA POS SMDClearSingleRigid13667 - Immediate
LPF-C011304S product page link
LPF-C011302S datasheet linkLIGHT PIPE 3MM SGL RA ROUND SMDLPF-C011302SLIGHT PIPE 3MM SGL RA ROUND SMDClearSingleRigid4873 - Immediate
LPF-C011302S product page link
LPA-C011301S-10 datasheet linkLIGHT PIPE 10MM SINGLE VERT SMDLPA-C011301S-10LIGHT PIPE 10MM SINGLE VERT SMDClearSingleRigid14741 - Immediate
LPA-C011301S-10 product page link
LPA-C011301S-20 datasheet linkLIGHT PIPE 20MM SINGLE VERT SMDLPA-C011301S-20LIGHT PIPE 20MM SINGLE VERT SMDClearSingleRigid7023 - Immediate
LPA-C011301S-20 product page link
LPF-C012301S datasheet linkLIGHT PIPE 3MM 2POS RA BEND SMDLPF-C012301SLIGHT PIPE 3MM 2POS RA BEND SMDClear2 HighRigid7564 - Immediate
LPF-C012301S product page link
LPF-C013301S datasheet linkLIGHT PIPE 3MM 3POS RA ROUNDLPF-C013301SLIGHT PIPE 3MM 3POS RA ROUNDClear3 HighRigid9264 - Immediate
LPF-C013301S product page link
LPF-C014301S datasheet linkLIGHT PIPE 3MM 4POS RA ROUNDLPF-C014301SLIGHT PIPE 3MM 4POS RA ROUNDClear4 HighRigid9949 - Immediate
LPF-C014301S product page link
LPA-C041301S-10 datasheet linkLIGHT PIPE 3MM 4POS VERT SMDLPA-C041301S-10LIGHT PIPE 3MM 4POS VERT SMDClear4 WideRigid3803 - Immediate
LPA-C041301S-10 product page link
LPF-S014331S datasheet linkLIGHT PIPE 3.2X3.18MM 4POS RECTLPF-S014331SLIGHT PIPE 3.2X3.18MM 4POS RECTClear4 HighRigid2659 - Immediate
LPF-S014331S product page link
LPF-C012303S datasheet linkLIGHT PIPE 3MM 2POS RA BEND SMDLPF-C012303SLIGHT PIPE 3MM 2POS RA BEND SMDClear2 HighRigid10957 - Immediate
LPF-C012303S product page link
LPA-C011301S-50 datasheet linkLIGHT PIPE 50MM SINGLE VERT SMDLPA-C011301S-50LIGHT PIPE 50MM SINGLE VERT SMDClearSingleRigid1674 - Immediate
LPA-C011301S-50 product page link
LPF-C031303S datasheet linkLIGHT PIPE 2.8MM 3POS RA SMDLPF-C031303SLIGHT PIPE 2.8MM 3POS RA SMDClear3 WideRigid11613 - Immediate
LPF-C031303S product page link
LPA-C041301S-20 datasheet linkLIGHT PIPE 3MM 4POS VERT SMDLPA-C041301S-20LIGHT PIPE 3MM 4POS VERT SMDClear4 WideRigid10168 - Immediate
LPA-C041301S-20 product page link
LPF-C041303S datasheet linkLIGHT PIPE 2.8MM 4POS RA SMDLPF-C041303SLIGHT PIPE 2.8MM 4POS RA SMDClear4 WideRigid778 - Immediate
LPF-C041303S product page link
LPF-R011362S datasheet linkLIGHT PIPE 3X5.5MM RA RECT SMDLPF-R011362SLIGHT PIPE 3X5.5MM RA RECT SMDClearSingleRigid0LPF-R011362S product page link
LPF-C021303S datasheet linkLIGHT PIPE 2.8MM 2POS RA SMDLPF-C021303SLIGHT PIPE 2.8MM 2POS RA SMDClear2 WideRigid0LPF-C021303S product page link
LPB-R0112051S datasheet linkLIGHT PIPE BAR 20X5MM WHITE DIFFLPB-R0112051SLIGHT PIPE BAR 20X5MM WHITE DIFFWhite DiffusedSingleRigid0LPB-R0112051S product page link
LPI-C011701S-150C datasheet linkLIGHT PIPE 6" FLEX CLEAR PNL MNTLPI-C011701S-150CLIGHT PIPE 6" FLEX CLEAR PNL MNTClearSingleFlexible 6" (152.4mm)0LPI-C011701S-150C product page link
LPF-C071303S datasheet linkLIGHT PIPE 2.8MM 7POS RA SMDLPF-C071303SLIGHT PIPE 2.8MM 7POS RA SMDClear7 WideRigid0LPF-C071303S product page link
LPI-C011701S-150G datasheet linkLIGHT PIPE 6" FLEX GREEN PNL MNTLPI-C011701S-150GLIGHT PIPE 6" FLEX GREEN PNL MNTGreenSingleFlexible 6" (152.4mm)0LPI-C011701S-150G product page link
LPF-C051303S datasheet linkLIGHT PIPE 2.8MM 5POS RA SMDLPF-C051303SLIGHT PIPE 2.8MM 5POS RA SMDClear5 WideRigid0LPF-C051303S product page link
LPA-C081301S-10 datasheet linkLIGHT PIPE 3MM 8POS VERT SMDLPA-C081301S-10LIGHT PIPE 3MM 8POS VERT SMDClear8 WideRigid0LPA-C081301S-10 product page link
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