LED 635NM Red WTR CLR 1206 SMD


Lumex Opto/Components Inc

This tutorial presents an overview of Lumex’s LED design capabilities and describes some of the methodologies for choosing the best LED packaging for any design application.
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Manufacturer Part NumberDescriptionPackagingColorAvailable QuantityBuy Now
SML-LXT0805SRW-TRLED THIN660NM SUPRED DIFF0805SMDCut Tape (CT)Red37279 - Immediate
SSL-LXA228GC-TR31LED 2X2.5MM GREEN CLR Z-BEND SMDCut Tape (CT)Green94194 - Immediate
SML-LX0603SRW-TRLED 660NM SUPER RED DIFF 0603SMDCut Tape (CT)Red68568 - Immediate
SML-LX1206IC-TRLED 635NM RED WTR CLR 1206 SMDCut Tape (CT)Red52575 - Immediate
SML-LXT0805YW-TRLED THIN 585NM YEL DIFF 0805 SMDCut Tape (CT)Yellow35034 - Immediate
SML-LXR85GC-TRLED RA 565NM GREEN WTR CLR SMDCut Tape (CT)Green15714 - Immediate
SML-LX1206GC-TRLED 565NM WTR CLR GREEN 1206 SMDCut Tape (CT)Green146564 - Immediate
SML-LX1206SRC-TRLED 660NM RED WTR CLR 1206 SMDCut Tape (CT)Red122717 - Immediate
SML-LX0805SUGC-TRLED 0805 574NM SUPER GREEN SMTCut Tape (CT)Green39461 - Immediate
SSL-LXA228GC-TR11LED 2X2.5MM GRN CLR GULLWING SMDCut Tape (CT)Green42796 - Immediate
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PTM Published on: 2011-10-31