LCD 3 Digit .31" Transflect TN

Extreme Temperature LCDs

Lumex Opto/Components Inc

This tutorial highlights details on Lumex's new high/low temperature LCD custom design technology, and the many advantages it provides when designing applications.
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ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionPart StatusNumber of CharactersDisplay FormatAvailable Quantity
LCD-S401C39TR datasheet linkLCD 4 DIGIT .39" REFLECTIVE TNLCD-S401C39TRLCD 4 DIGIT .39" REFLECTIVE TNActive44 x 11656 - Immediate
LCD-S401C39TR product page link
LCD-S401C52TR datasheet linkLCD 4 DIGIT .52" REFLECTIVE TNLCD-S401C52TRLCD 4 DIGIT .52" REFLECTIVE TNActive44 x 12106 - Immediate
LCD-S401C52TR product page link
LCM-S01602DTR/M datasheet linkLCD MODULE 16X2 CHARACTERLCM-S01602DTR/MLCD MODULE 16X2 CHARACTERActive3216 x 24063 - Immediate
LCM-S01602DTR/M product page link
LCM-S01601DTR product page link
LCM-S01602DSR/A datasheet linkLCD MODULE 16X2 CHARACTERLCM-S01602DSR/ALCD MODULE 16X2 CHARACTERActive3216 x 22399 - Immediate
LCM-S01602DSR/A product page link
LCM-S01602DTR/A datasheet linkLCD MODULE 16X2 CHARACTERLCM-S01602DTR/ALCD MODULE 16X2 CHARACTERActive3216 x 2353 - Immediate
LCM-S01602DTR/A product page link
LCM-S01602DSR/B datasheet linkLCD MODULE 16X2 CHARACTERLCM-S01602DSR/BLCD MODULE 16X2 CHARACTERActive3216 x 21064 - Immediate
LCM-S01602DSR/B product page link
LCM-S01602DSF/C datasheet linkLCD MODULE 16X2 CHARACTER W/LEDLCM-S01602DSF/CLCD MODULE 16X2 CHARACTER W/LEDActive3216 x 2787 - Immediate
LCM-S01602DSF/C product page link
LCM-S01602DSF/B datasheet linkLCD MODULE 16X2 CHARACTER W/LEDLCM-S01602DSF/BLCD MODULE 16X2 CHARACTER W/LEDActive3216 x 2565 - Immediate
LCM-S01602DSF/B product page link
LCM-S01602DSR/D datasheet linkLCD MODULE 16X2 CHARACTERLCM-S01602DSR/DLCD MODULE 16X2 CHARACTERActive3216 x 2584 - Immediate
LCM-S01602DSR/D product page link
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PTM Published on: 2011-10-31