TVS Diode 6VWM 16VC SC703

TVS Diode Arrays

Littelfuse Inc

This tutorial will discuss the various electrical threats that can damage electronic devices or equipment, and the standards used to evaluate resistibility to such transients.
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Manufacturer Part NumberDescriptionPackagingAvailable QuantityBuy Now
SP1002-01JTGTVS DIODE 6VWM 16VC SC703Cut Tape (CT)20154 - Immediate
SP1001-02JTGTVS DIODE 5.5VWM 13VC SC703Cut Tape (CT)40637 - Immediate
SP1001-04JTGTVS DIODE 5.5VWM 13VC SC705Cut Tape (CT)41675 - Immediate
SP1001-04XTGTVS DIODE 5.5VWM 13VC SOT553Cut Tape (CT)14283 - Immediate
SP1001-05JTGTVS DIODE 5.5VWM 13VC SC706Cut Tape (CT)20170 - Immediate
SP1001-05XTGTVS DIODE 5.5VWM 13VC SOT563Cut Tape (CT)77278 - Immediate
SP0502BAHTGTVS DIODE 5.5VWM 8.5VC SOT23Cut Tape (CT)107964 - Immediate
SP3002-04JTGTVS DIODE 6VWM 13VC SC706Cut Tape (CT)6727 - Immediate
SP3003-04JTGTVS DIODE 6VWM 15VC SC706Cut Tape (CT)11133 - Immediate
SP0502BAJTGTVS DIODE 5.5VWM 8.5VC SC703Cut Tape (CT)10625 - Immediate
SP0503BAHTGTVS DIODE 5.5VWM 8.5VC SOT143Cut Tape (CT)82999 - Immediate
SP0504BAHTGTVS DIODE 5.5VWM 8.5VC SOT23-5Cut Tape (CT)13412 - Immediate
SP0505BAHTGTVS DIODE 5.5VWM 8.5VC SOT23-6Cut Tape (CT)8791 - Immediate
SP0504BAJTGTVS DIODE 5.5VWM 8.5VC SC705Cut Tape (CT)28696 - Immediate
SP4060-08ATGTVS DIODE 2.5VWM 15VC 10MSOPCut Tape (CT)10225 - Immediate
SP03-6BTGTVS DIODE 6VWM 20VC SOIC8Cut Tape (CT)16357 - Immediate
SP3003-04XTGTVS DIODE 6VWM 15VC SOT563Cut Tape (CT)5373 - Immediate
SP3003-08ATGTVS DIODE 6VWM 15VC MSOP10Cut Tape (CT)4154 - Immediate
SP1001-02XTGTVS DIODE 5.5VWM 13VC SOT553Cut Tape (CT)3035 - Immediate
SP3001-04JTGTVS DIODE 6VWM 13VC SC706Cut Tape (CT)5656 - Immediate
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PTM Published on: 2011-11-29