TVS Diode 14VWM 23.2VC SMA

Transient Voltage Suppression (TVS) Diodes

Littelfuse Inc

This tutorial will briefly discuss overvoltage protection in general followed by a description of the key parameters that define TVS diodes.
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Manufacturer Part NumberDescriptionPackagingTypeAvailable QuantityBuy Now
SMAJ5.0ATVS DIODE 5VWM 9.2VC SMACut Tape (CT)Zener57010 - Immediate
SMAJ200ATVS DIODE 200VWM 324VC SMACut Tape (CT)Zener46705 - Immediate
SMAJ12ATVS DIODE 12VWM 19.9VC SMACut Tape (CT)Zener30848 - Immediate
SMAJ36ATVS DIODE 36VWM 58.1VC SMACut Tape (CT)Zener28222 - Immediate
SMAJ11ATVS DIODE 11VWM 18.2VC SMACut Tape (CT)Zener60841 - Immediate
SMAJ58ATVS DIODE 58VWM 93.6VC SMACut Tape (CT)Zener18062 - Immediate
SMF15ATVS DIODE 15VWM 24.4VC SOD123FCut Tape (CT)Zener28640 - Immediate
SMF12ATVS DIODE 12VWM 19.9VC SOD123Cut Tape (CT)Zener26521 - Immediate
SMF28ATVS DIODE 28VWM 45.4VC SOD123FCut Tape (CT)Zener18221 - Immediate
SMF5.0ATVS DIODE 5VWM 9.2VC SOD123Cut Tape (CT)Zener12655 - Immediate
SMAJ45CATVS DIODE 45VWM 72.7VC SMACut Tape (CT)Zener29820 - Immediate
SMAJ7.0CATVS DIODE 7VWM 12VC SMACut Tape (CT)Zener7442 - Immediate
SMBJ5.0ATVS DIODE 5VWM 9.2VC SMCut Tape (CT)Zener53670 - Immediate
SMBJ30ATVS DIODE 30VWM 48.4VC SMBCut Tape (CT)Zener34047 - Immediate
SMBJ24ATVS DIODE 24VWM 38.9VC SMBCut Tape (CT)Zener21166 - Immediate
SMBJ12ATVS DIODE 12VWM 19.9VC SMBCut Tape (CT)Zener10937 - Immediate
SMBJ33CATVS DIODE 33VWM 53.3VC SMBCut Tape (CT)Zener32058 - Immediate
SMBJ36CATVS DIODE 36VWM 58.1VC SMBCut Tape (CT)Zener21972 - Immediate
SMBJ12CATVS DIODE 12VWM 19.9VC SMBCut Tape (CT)Zener12764 - Immediate
P4SMA6.8CATVS DIODE 5.8VWM 10.5VC SMDCut Tape (CT)Zener27291 - Immediate
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PTM Published on: 2011-10-31