LED Protector 6V Bi-Directional PM-1

PLED Devices - Open LED Protector

Littelfuse Inc

This tutorial explores the need for open LED protection and provides key performance parameters.  It also shows how these devices interact with the circuits they protect.
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ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionVoltageVoltage - ClampingAvailable Quantity
PLED5Q12 datasheet linkLED PROTECTOR 5V BI-DIR 2X2 QFNPLED5Q12LED PROTECTOR 5V BI-DIR 2X2 QFN3.5V5.2V10267 - Immediate
PLED5Q12 product page link
PLED13S datasheet linkLED PROTECTOR 13V BI-DIR DO-214PLED13SLED PROTECTOR 13V BI-DIR DO-21413V26V164060 - Immediate
PLED13S product page link
PLED6S datasheet linkLED PROTECTOR 6V BI-DIR DO-214PLED6SLED PROTECTOR 6V BI-DIR DO-2146V16V27776 - Immediate
PLED6S product page link
PLED9S datasheet linkLED PROTECTOR 9V BI-DIR DO-214PLED9SLED PROTECTOR 9V BI-DIR DO-2149V18V10796 - Immediate
PLED9S product page link
PLED6Q12 datasheet linkLED PROTECTOR 6V BI-DIR QFN 3X3PLED6Q12LED PROTECTOR 6V BI-DIR QFN 3X36V16V102532 - Immediate
PLED6Q12 product page link
PLED5HT datasheet linkLED PROTECTOR 5V BI-DIR SOT-89PLED5HTLED PROTECTOR 5V BI-DIR SOT-893.5V5.2V13373 - Immediate
PLED5HT product page link
PLED13Q12 datasheet linkLED PROTECTOR 13V BI-DIR QFN 3X3PLED13Q12LED PROTECTOR 13V BI-DIR QFN 3X313V26V7485 - Immediate
PLED13Q12 product page link
PLED18S datasheet linkLED PROTECTOR 18V BI-DIR DO-214PLED18SLED PROTECTOR 18V BI-DIR DO-21418V33V9980 - Immediate
PLED18S product page link
PLED9Q12 datasheet linkLED PROTECTOR 9V BI-DIR QFN 3X3PLED9Q12LED PROTECTOR 9V BI-DIR QFN 3X39V18V57915 - Immediate
PLED9Q12 product page link
PLED18Q12 datasheet linkLED PROTECTOR 18V BI-DIR 3X3 QFNPLED18Q12LED PROTECTOR 18V BI-DIR 3X3 QFN18V33V38112 - Immediate
PLED18Q12 product page link
PLED6SW datasheet linkLED PROTECTOR BI 6V DO214 2LPLED6SWLED PROTECTOR BI 6V DO214 2L6V16V4985 - Immediate
PLED6SW product page link
PLED9SW datasheet linkLED PROTECTOR BI 9V DO214 2LPLED9SWLED PROTECTOR BI 9V DO214 2L9V18V2939 - Immediate
PLED9SW product page link
PLED9US datasheet linkLED PROTECTOR UNI 9V DO214 2LPLED9USLED PROTECTOR UNI 9V DO214 2L9V18V3355 - Immediate
PLED9US product page link
PLED18US datasheet linkLED PROTECTOR UNI 18V DO214 2LPLED18USLED PROTECTOR UNI 18V DO214 2L18V33V2326 - Immediate
PLED18US product page link
PLED6US datasheet linkLED PROTECTOR UNI 6V DO214 2LPLED6USLED PROTECTOR UNI 6V DO214 2L6V16V2305 - Immediate
PLED6US product page link
PLED13US datasheet linkLED PROTECTOR UNI 13V DO214 2LPLED13USLED PROTECTOR UNI 13V DO214 2L13V26V2175 - Immediate
PLED13US product page link
PLED18SW datasheet linkLED PROTECTOR BI 18V DO214 2LPLED18SWLED PROTECTOR BI 18V DO214 2L18V33V1395 - Immediate
PLED18SW product page link
PLED13SW datasheet linkLED PROTECTOR BI 13V DO214 2LPLED13SWLED PROTECTOR BI 13V DO214 2L13V26V1267 - Immediate
PLED13SW product page link
PLED6M datasheet linkLED PROTECTOR 6V BI-DIR PM-1PLED6MLED PROTECTOR 6V BI-DIR PM-15.5V-0PLED6M product page link
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PTM Published on: 2011-10-31