Varistor 15.9V 20A 0402

Metal Oxide Varistors

Littelfuse Inc

This tutorial will provide an introduction to Metal Oxide Varistors and MOV product offerings from Littelfuse. Basic operation, electrical characteristics, and applications will be discussed.  There will also be a presentation of the different MOV products Littlefuse brings to the marketplace.
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Related Parts

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
TMOV14RP140E datasheet linkVARISTOR 220V 6KA DISC 14MMTMOV14RP140EVARISTOR 220V 6KA DISC 14MM600 - Immediate
TMOV14RP140E product page link
TMOV14RP275M datasheet linkVARISTOR 430V 6KA DISC 14MMTMOV14RP275MVARISTOR 430V 6KA DISC 14MM500 - Immediate
TMOV14RP275M product page link
TMOV20RP200E datasheet linkVARISTOR 314V 10KA DISC 20MMTMOV20RP200EVARISTOR 314V 10KA DISC 20MM1200 - Immediate
TMOV20RP200E product page link
TMOV20RP250M datasheet linkVARISTOR 390V 10KA DISC 20MMTMOV20RP250MVARISTOR 390V 10KA DISC 20MM800 - Immediate
TMOV20RP250M product page link
TMOV14RP230E datasheet linkVARISTOR 360V 6KA DISC 14MMTMOV14RP230EVARISTOR 360V 6KA DISC 14MM600 - Immediate
TMOV14RP230E product page link
TMOV14RP250M datasheet linkVARISTOR 390V 6KA DISC 14MMTMOV14RP250MVARISTOR 390V 6KA DISC 14MM600 - Immediate
TMOV14RP250M product page link
TMOV14RP230M datasheet linkVARISTOR 360V 6KA DISC 14MMTMOV14RP230MVARISTOR 360V 6KA DISC 14MM600 - Immediate
TMOV14RP230M product page link
TMOV14RP200M datasheet linkVARISTOR 314V 6KA DISC 14MMTMOV14RP200MVARISTOR 314V 6KA DISC 14MM600 - Immediate
TMOV14RP200M product page link
TMOV14RP115M datasheet linkVARISTOR 180V 6KA DISC 14MMTMOV14RP115MVARISTOR 180V 6KA DISC 14MM600 - Immediate
TMOV14RP115M product page link
TMOV14RP140M datasheet linkVARISTOR 220V 6KA DISC 14MMTMOV14RP140MVARISTOR 220V 6KA DISC 14MM600 - Immediate
TMOV14RP140M product page link
TMOV14RP385M datasheet linkVARISTOR 620V 6KA DISC 14MMTMOV14RP385MVARISTOR 620V 6KA DISC 14MM1000 - Immediate
TMOV14RP385M product page link
TMOV20RP200M datasheet linkVARISTOR 314V 10KA DISC 20MMTMOV20RP200MVARISTOR 314V 10KA DISC 20MM800 - Immediate
TMOV20RP200M product page link
TMOV20RP575M datasheet linkVARISTOR 952V 10KA DISC 20MMTMOV20RP575MVARISTOR 952V 10KA DISC 20MM400 - Immediate
TMOV20RP575M product page link
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PTM Published on: 2011-05-31