SIDACtor Ethernet POE 64V 100A

Introduction to SIDACtor Devices

Littelfuse Inc

This tutorial provides an introduction to the SIDACtor family of overvoltage protection devices including a familiarization with the key performance parameters of these devices.
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Related Parts

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionPackagingVoltage - WorkingVoltage - ClampingAvailable Quantity
P1101SCLRP datasheet linkSIDAC SLIC UNI 95V 400A DO-214AAP1101SCLRPSIDAC SLIC UNI 95V 400A DO-214AACut Tape (CT)95V130V9203 - Immediate
P1101SCLRP product page link
SEP0640Q38CB datasheet linkSIDACTOR ETHERNET POE 64V 100ASEP0640Q38CBSIDACTOR ETHERNET POE 64V 100ACut Tape (CT)8V64V11162 - Immediate
SEP0640Q38CB product page link
P0080SAMCLRP datasheet linkSIDAC MICROCAP BI 6V 150A DO-214P0080SAMCLRPSIDAC MICROCAP BI 6V 150A DO-214Cut Tape (CT)25V6V5011 - Immediate
P0080SAMCLRP product page link
P0901SALRP datasheet linkSIDACTOR UNI 75V 50A DO214P0901SALRPSIDACTOR UNI 75V 50A DO214Cut Tape (CT)75V98V2331 - Immediate
P0901SALRP product page link
P0901CA2LRP datasheet linkSIDACTOR UNI 75V 50A DO214P0901CA2LRPSIDACTOR UNI 75V 50A DO214Cut Tape (CT)75V98V2753 - Immediate
P0901CA2LRP product page link
P1701CA2LRP datasheet linkSIDACTOR SLIC UNI 160V 50A DO214P1701CA2LRPSIDACTOR SLIC UNI 160V 50A DO214Cut Tape (CT)160V200V181 - Immediate
P1701CA2LRP product page link
B1160CALRP datasheet linkBATTRAX SLIC SGL NEG 50A DO214B1160CALRPBATTRAX SLIC SGL NEG 50A DO214Cut Tape (CT)4VAdjustable150 - Immediate
B1160CALRP product page link
B2050CCLRP datasheet linkBATTRAX SLIC DUAL NEG 500A DO214B2050CCLRPBATTRAX SLIC DUAL NEG 500A DO214Cut Tape (CT)4VAdjustable187 - Immediate
B2050CCLRP product page link
B1160CCLRP datasheet linkBATTRAX SLIC SNGL NEG 400A DO214B1160CCLRPBATTRAX SLIC SNGL NEG 400A DO214Cut Tape (CT)4VAdjustable0B1160CCLRP product page link
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PTM Published on: 2011-10-31