LTC3853 Triple Output, Multiphase Synchronous Step-Down Controller

Linear Technology

This module will provide an overview of the LTC3853’s features, discuss its applications and provide additional information such as reliability data, a datasheet, and a downloadable SPICE model.
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Related Parts

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionPackagingOutput TypeFunctionAvailable Quantity
LTC3853EUJ#PBF datasheet linkIC REG CTRLR BUCK 40QFNLTC3853EUJ#PBFIC REG CTRLR BUCK 40QFNTubeTransistor DriverStep-Down523 - Immediate
LTC3853EUJ#PBF product page link
LTC3853IUJ#PBF datasheet linkIC REG CTRLR BUCK 40QFNLTC3853IUJ#PBFIC REG CTRLR BUCK 40QFNTubeTransistor DriverStep-Down23 - Immediate
LTC3853IUJ#PBF product page link
LTC3853EUJ#TRPBF datasheet linkIC REG CTRLR BUCK 40QFNLTC3853EUJ#TRPBFIC REG CTRLR BUCK 40QFNTape & Reel (TR)Transistor DriverStep-Down0LTC3853EUJ#TRPBF product page link
LTC3853IUJ#TRPBF datasheet linkIC REG CTRLR BUCK 40QFNLTC3853IUJ#TRPBFIC REG CTRLR BUCK 40QFNTape & Reel (TR)Transistor DriverStep-Down0LTC3853IUJ#TRPBF product page link
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PTM Published on: 2011-05-20