LTC3625 and LTC3625-1 Supercapacitor Chargers

Linear Technology

This tutorial will provide an overview of supercapacitors, including their benefits and problems. The LTC3625 and LTC3625-1 supercapacitor charger ICs will be highlighted and there will be a discussion of their features and benefits. Example circuit diagrams will be reviewed to show the difference between the 500 mA and 1 A application of these devices. Resources will also be given for additional information.
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ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionPackagingApplicationsAvailable Quantity
LTC3625EDE#PBF datasheet linkIC SUPERCAP CHARGER 1A 12DFNLTC3625EDE#PBFIC SUPERCAP CHARGER 1A 12DFNTubeSupercapacitor Charger396 - Immediate
LTC3625EDE#PBF product page link
LTC3625EDE-1#PBF datasheet linkIC SUPERCAP CHARGER 1A 12DFNLTC3625EDE-1#PBFIC SUPERCAP CHARGER 1A 12DFNTubeSupercapacitor Charger0LTC3625EDE-1#PBF product page link
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PTM Published on: 2012-03-06