Power: LT3082 - 200mA Single Resistor Low Dropout Linear Regulator

Linear Technology

This presentation will review the key attributes, cover features and benefits, and list the available options in the LT308x family.
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Related Parts

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionPart StatusRegulator TopologyAvailable Quantity
LT3082ETS8#TRMPBF datasheet linkIC REG LDO ADJ 0.2A TSOT23-8LT3082ETS8#TRMPBFIC REG LDO ADJ 0.2A TSOT23-8ActivePositive Adjustable2104 - Immediate
LT3082ETS8#TRMPBF product page link
LT3082EDD#PBF datasheet linkIC REG LDO ADJ 0.2A 8DFNLT3082EDD#PBFIC REG LDO ADJ 0.2A 8DFNActivePositive Adjustable1752 - Immediate
LT3082EDD#PBF product page link
LT3082EST#PBF datasheet linkIC REG LDO ADJ 0.2A SOT223LT3082EST#PBFIC REG LDO ADJ 0.2A SOT223ActivePositive Adjustable3063 - Immediate
LT3082EST#PBF product page link
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PTM Published on: 2011-05-13