µModule: LTM806x Step-Down Micro-Module Battery Charger

Linear Technology

This presentation will cover the features, benefits and design support tools for these 32V input, 2A charge current devices.
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ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionPackagingPart StatusBattery ChemistryAvailable Quantity
LTM8062EV#PBF datasheet linkIC BATTERY CHARGER TRACK 77-LGALTM8062EV#PBFIC BATTERY CHARGER TRACK 77-LGATrayActiveMulti-Chemistry436 - Immediate
LTM8062EV#PBF product page link
LTM8061EV-8.4#PBF datasheet linkIC BATTERY CHARGER 8.4V 77-LGALTM8061EV-8.4#PBFIC BATTERY CHARGER 8.4V 77-LGATrayActiveLithium-Ion/Polymer361 - Immediate
LTM8061EV-8.4#PBF product page link
LTM8061EV-8.2#PBF datasheet linkIC BATTERY CHARGER 8.2V 77-LGALTM8061EV-8.2#PBFIC BATTERY CHARGER 8.2V 77-LGATrayActiveLithium-Ion/Polymer110 - Immediate
LTM8061EV-8.2#PBF product page link
LTM8061EV-4.1#PBF datasheet linkIC BATTERY CHARGER 4.1V 77-LGALTM8061EV-4.1#PBFIC BATTERY CHARGER 4.1V 77-LGATrayActiveLithium-Ion/Polymer136 - Immediate
LTM8061EV-4.1#PBF product page link
LTM8061EV-4.2#PBF datasheet linkIC BATTERY CHARGER 4.2V 77-LGALTM8061EV-4.2#PBFIC BATTERY CHARGER 4.2V 77-LGATrayActiveLithium-Ion/Polymer42 - Immediate
LTM8061EV-4.2#PBF product page link

Eval Boards

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionPart StatusMain PurposeEmbeddedAvailable Quantity
DC1645A-D datasheet linkBOARD EVAL LTM8061-8.4DC1645A-DBOARD EVAL LTM8061-8.4ActivePower Management, Battery ChargerNo1 - Immediate
DC1645A-D product page link
DC1645A-A datasheet linkBOARD EVAL LTM8061-4.1DC1645A-ABOARD EVAL LTM8061-4.1ActivePower Management, Battery ChargerNo1 - Immediate
DC1645A-A product page link
DC1645A-B datasheet linkBOARD EVAL LTM8061-4.2DC1645A-BBOARD EVAL LTM8061-4.2ActivePower Management, Battery ChargerNo1 - Immediate
DC1645A-B product page link
DC1645A-C datasheet linkBOARD EVAL LTM8061-8.2DC1645A-CBOARD EVAL LTM8061-8.2ActivePower Management, Battery ChargerNo1 - Immediate
DC1645A-C product page link
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PTM Published on: 2010-11-29