LTM2882 - Dual Isolated RS232 µodule Transceiver + Power

Linear Technology

This module will provide an overview of the Isolator µModule Technology and the LTM2882 Isolator RS232 µModule transceiver, and describe the valuable protection this platform has to offer.
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Manufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityBuy Now
LTM2882IY-3#PBFDGTL ISO 2.5KV 4CH RS232 32BGA937 - Immediate
LTM2882IV-3#PBFDGTL ISO 2.5KV 4CH RS232 32LGA431 - Immediate
LTM2882IY-5#PBFDGTL ISO 2.5KV 4CH RS232 32BGA323 - Immediate
LTM2882CY-5#PBFDGTL ISO 2.5KV 4CH RS232 32BGA796 - Immediate
LTM2882CV-3#PBFDGTL ISO 2.5KV 4CH RS232 32LGA482 - Immediate
LTM2882CY-3#PBFDGTL ISO 2.5KV 4CH RS232 32BGA467 - Immediate
LTM2882IV-5#PBFDGTL ISO 2.5KV 4CH RS232 32LGA29 - Immediate
LTM2882CV-5#PBFDGTL ISO 2.5KV 4CH RS232 32LGA33 - Immediate
DC1747A-BEVALUATION KIT LOW EM1 LTM2882-51 - Immediate
DC1554A-AEVALUATION KIT TRXR LTM2882-31 - Immediate
DC1554A-BEVALUATION KIT TRXR LTM2882-51 - Immediate
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PTM Published on: 2011-05-16