LTC6655 - 0.25ppm Noise, Low Drift Precision Buffered Voltage Reference

Linear Technology

This presentation will explain the significance of noise in high performance instrumentation and test equipment, and provide an overview of the LTC6655 main features and benefits.
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Related Parts
Manufacturer Part NumberDescriptionPackagingReference TypeOutput TypeAvailable QuantityBuy Now
LTC6655CHMS8-3.3#PBFIC VREF SERIES 3.3V 8MSOPTubeSeriesFixed520 - Immediate
LTC6655CHMS8-4.096#PBFIC VREF SERIES 4.096V 8MSOPTubeSeriesFixed391 - Immediate
LTC6655CHMS8-5#PBFIC VREF SERIES 5V 8MSOPTubeSeriesFixed281 - Immediate
LTC6655BHMS8-4.096#PBFIC VREF SERIES 4.096V 8MSOPTubeSeriesFixed962 - Immediate
LTC6655BHMS8-3#PBFIC VREF SERIES 3V 8MSOPTubeSeriesFixed877 - Immediate
LTC6655BHMS8-2.5#PBFIC VREF SERIES 2.5V 8MSOPTubeSeriesFixed848 - Immediate
LTC6655BHMS8-5#PBFIC VREF SERIES 5V 8MSOPTubeSeriesFixed739 - Immediate
LTC6655BHMS8-1.25#PBFIC VREF SERIES 1.25V 8MSOPTubeSeriesFixed705 - Immediate
LTC6655BHMS8-3.3#PBFIC VREF SERIES 3.3V 8MSOPTubeSeriesFixed395 - Immediate
LTC6655CHMS8-1.25#PBFIC VREF SERIES 1.25V 8MSOPTubeSeriesFixed225 - Immediate
LTC6655BHMS8-2.048#PBFIC VREF SERIES 2.048V 8MSOPTubeSeriesFixed177 - Immediate
LTC6655CHMS8-3#PBFIC VREF SERIES 3V 8MSOPTubeSeriesFixed50 - Immediate
LTC6655CHMS8-2.5#PBFIC VREF SERIES 2.5V 8MSOPTubeSeriesFixed0
LTC6655CHMS8-2.048#PBFIC VREF SERIES 2.048V 8MSOPTubeSeriesFixed0
LTC6655CHMS8-2.5#TRPBFIC VREF SERIES 2.5V 8MSOPTape & Reel (TR)SeriesFixed0
LTC6655CHMS8-1.25#TRPBFIC VREF SERIES 1.25V 8MSOPTape & Reel (TR)SeriesFixed0
LTC6655CHMS8-2.048#TRPBFIC VREF SERIES 2.048V 8MSOPTape & Reel (TR)SeriesFixed0
LTC6655CHMS8-3#TRPBFIC VREF SERIES 3V 8MSOPTape & Reel (TR)SeriesFixed0
LTC6655CHMS8-3.3#TRPBFIC VREF SERIES 3.3V 8MSOPTape & Reel (TR)SeriesFixed0
LTC6655CHMS8-4.096#TRPBFIC VREF SERIES 4.096V 8MSOPTape & Reel (TR)SeriesFixed0
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PTM Published on: 2011-05-16