LTC275x 18-Bit DAC

Linear Technology

This module will discuss the benefits of the R-2R current output DAC architecture and introduce the latest 18-bit precision digital to analog converters.  
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Manufacturer Part NumberDescriptionSettling TimeNumber of BitsAvailable QuantityBuy Now
LTC1590CN#PBFIC D/A CONV 12BIT DUAL 16-DIP1.5µs12396 - Immediate
LTC1590CS#PBFIC D/A CONV 12BIT DUAL 16-SOIC1.5µs12761 - Immediate
LTC1592ACG#PBFIC D/A CONV 16BIT SOFTSPAN16SSOP2µs16371 - Immediate
LTC2704CGW-16#PBFIC DAC 16BIT QUAD VOUT 44-SSOP10µs16320 - Immediate
LTC2704CGW-12#PBFIC DAC 12BIT QUAD VOUT 44-SSOP8µs12110 - Immediate
LTC2751BIUHF-16#PBFIC DAC 16BIT CUR OUT 38-QFN2µs16110 - Immediate
LTC2757BILX#PBFIC DAC 18BIT PAR 48LQFP2.1µs18145 - Immediate
LTC2757AILX#PBFIC DAC 18BIT PAR 48LQFP2.1µs18142 - Immediate
LTC1588CG#PBFIC DAC SOFTSPAN 12BIT 16-SSOP2µs12156 - Immediate
LTC1592BIG#PBFIC D/A CONV 16BIT SOFTSPAN16SSOP2µs16154 - Immediate
LTC2704IGW-12#PBFIC DAC 12BIT QUAD VOUT 44-SSOP8µs1216 - Immediate
LTC1821-1BCGW#PBFIC D/A CONV 16BIT PRECISE 36SSOP2µs1689 - Immediate
LTC2704IGW-16#PBFIC DAC 16BIT QUAD VOUT 44-SSOP10µs1635 - Immediate
LTC1589IG#PBFIC DAC SOFTSPAN 14BIT 16-SSOP2µs1457 - Immediate
LTC2754BCUKG-16#PBFIC DAC 16BIT QUAD IOUT 52-QFN2µs1637 - Immediate
LTC2755AIUP-16#PBFIC DAC 16BIT CUR OUT 64-QFN2µs1623 - Immediate
LTC2704CGW-14#PBFIC DAC 14BIT QUAD VOUT 44-SSOP9µs1425 - Immediate
LTC1821BCGW#PBFIC D/A CONV 16BIT PRECISE 36SSOP2µs1630 - Immediate
LTC2704IGW-14#PBFIC DAC 14BIT QUAD VOUT 44-SSOP9µs1427 - Immediate
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PTM Published on: 2011-05-16