LTC265x 16-/12-Bit Quad and Octal Voltage Output DACs

Linear Technology

Welcome to the Linear Technology LTC265x 16-/12-Bit Quad and Octal Voltage Output DACs product training module. This presentation will provide an overview of the LTC265x 16- and 12-bit quad and octal voltage output DACs with internal references. It will also cover the key features and applications of this  family and briefly discuss positioning within Linear’s precision DAC product offering.
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Related Parts
Manufacturer Part NumberDescriptionSettling TimeNumber of BitsAvailable QuantityBuy Now
LTC2656IUFD-L12#PBFIC DAC 12BIT SER 20-QFN4.2µs12434 - Immediate
LTC2656IFE-L12#PBFIC DAC 12BIT SER 20-TSSOP4.2µs12469 - Immediate
LTC2656BCFE-H16#PBFIC DAC 16BIT SER 20-TSSOP8.9µs16260 - Immediate
LTC2656BCFE-L16#PBFIC DAC 16BIT SER 20-TSSOP8.9µs16181 - Immediate
LTC2656BCUFD-H16#PBFIC DAC 16BIT SER 20-QFN8.9µs16169 - Immediate
LTC2654CGN-L12#PBFIC DAC 12BITS SER 16SSOP8.9µs12527 - Immediate
LTC2655BIGN-L16#PBFIC DAC 16BIT I2C/SRL 16SSOP9.1µs16227 - Immediate
LTC2656CCFE-L16#PBFIC DAC 16BIT SER 20-TSSOP8.9µs16297 - Immediate
LTC2655IGN-L12#PBFIC DAC 12BIT QUAD CUR OUT 16SSOP3.9µs12538 - Immediate
LTC2655IUF-L12#PBFIC DAC 12BIT QUAD CUR OUT 20QFN3.9µs12204 - Immediate
LTC2655IGN-H12#PBFIC DAC 12BIT QUAD CUR OUT 16SSOP3.9µs12162 - Immediate
LTC2654IGN-L12#PBFIC DAC 12BIT SRL 16SSOP8.9µs12300 - Immediate
LTC2654IUF-L12#PBFIC DAC 12BIT SRL 20QFN8.9µs12273 - Immediate
LTC2655BIGN-H16#PBFIC DAC 16BIT I2C/SRL 16SSOP9.1µs16100 - Immediate
LTC2656BIFE-L16#PBFIC DAC 16BIT SER 20TSSOP8.9µs1683 - Immediate
LTC2655BIUF-L16#PBFIC DAC 16BIT I2C/SRL 20QFN9.1µs1627 - Immediate
LTC2657BIFE-L16#PBFIC DAC 16BIT I2C 20-TSSOP9.1µs1628 - Immediate
LTC2655BIUF-H16#PBFIC DAC 16BIT I2C/SRL 20QFN9.1µs1635 - Immediate
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PTM Published on: 2011-05-18