LTC263x 12, 10, and 8-Bit VOUT DAC Family

Linear Technology

This tutorial will provide an overview of the LTC263x 12, 10, and 8-bit single, dual, quad, and octal voltage output DACs with internal references. The key features and applications of this family, and positioning within Linear’s precision DAC product offering will also be discussed.
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Related Parts
Manufacturer Part NumberDescriptionSettling TimeNumber of BitsAvailable QuantityBuy Now
LTC2630ISC6-LM12#TRMPBFIC DAC 12BIT R-R SC70-64.4µs121366 - Immediate
LTC2631ITS8-LM12#TRMPBFIC DAC 12BIT VOUT TSOT23-84.1µs121041 - Immediate
LTC2630ACSC6-LZ12#TRMPBFIC DAC 12BIT R-R SC70-64.4µs125488 - Immediate
LTC2630AISC6-LZ12#TRMPBFIC DAC 12BIT R-R SC70-64.4µs122464 - Immediate
LTC2630AISC6-HZ12#TRMPBFIC DAC 12BIT R-R SC70-64.4µs121032 - Immediate
LTC2630ISC6-LZ12#TRMPBFIC DAC 12BIT R-R SC70-64.4µs12273 - Immediate
LTC2635CUD-LMO12#PBFIC DAC 12BIT I2C QUAD 16QFN4.4µs12814 - Immediate
LTC2634IUD-HZ12#PBFIC DAC 12BIT QUAD SRL 5V 16QFN4.2µs12433 - Immediate
LTC2634IUD-LZ12#PBFIC DAC 12BIT QUAD SRL 4.1V 16QFN4.2µs12200 - Immediate
LTC2631CTS8-LZ10#TRMPBFIC DAC 10BIT VOUT TSOT23-83.8µs101057 - Immediate
LTC2630ISC6-LZ8#TRMPBFIC DAC 8BIT R-R SC70-63.2µs81230 - Immediate
LTC2630AHSC6-LZ12#TRMPBFIC DAC 12BIT R-R SC70-64.4µs121432 - Immediate
LTC2631AITS8-HZ12#TRMPBFIC DAC 12BIT VOUT TSOT23-84.1µs122007 - Immediate
LTC2633CTS8-LZ12#TRMPBFIC DAC DUAL I2C TSOT-23-84.5µs12969 - Immediate
LTC2632CTS8-LZ8#TRMPBFIC DAC 8BIT SPI/SRL TSOT-23-83.5µs8419 - Immediate
LTC2634IMSE-LZ10#PBFIC DAC 10BIT QUAD 4.1V 10MSOP3.8µs10827 - Immediate
LTC2633ACTS8-LZ12#TRMPBFIC DAC DUAL I2C TSOT-23-84.5µs12406 - Immediate
LTC2633ACTS8-LI12#TRMPBFIC DAC DUAL I2C TSOT-23-84.5µs12373 - Immediate
LTC2635CUD-LZ12#PBFIC DAC 12BIT I2C QUAD 16QFN4.4µs12897 - Immediate
LTC2635CMSE-LZ12#PBFIC DAC 12BIT I2C QUAD 10MSOP4.4µs12329 - Immediate
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PTM Published on: 2011-04-04