LTC2369- 18-/16-bit Pseudo-Differential SAR ADC Family Overview

Linear Technology

This presentation will provide an overview of the LTC2369-18 and LTC2370-16 family of 18 and 16-bit pseudo-differential unipolar SAR ADCs. The key features will be reviewed and the advantages of the pseudo-differential input drive and longer acquisition time featured in these ADCs will be discussed.
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Related Parts
Manufacturer Part NumberDescriptionNumber of BitsSampling Rate (Per Second)Available QuantityBuy Now
LTC2369CMS-18#PBFIC ADC 18BIT SRL/SPI 16-MSOP181.6M136 - Immediate
LTC2367IMS-16#PBFIC ADC 16BIT SPI/SRL 500K 16MSOP16500k113 - Immediate
LTC2364CMS-16#PBFIC ADC 16BIT SPI/SRL 250K 16MSOP16250k147 - Immediate
LTC2368CDE-18#PBFIC ADC 18BIT SPI/SRL 1M 16DFN181M367 - Immediate
LTC2364IMS-16#PBFIC ADC 16BIT SPI/SRL 16MSOP16250k60 - Immediate
LTC2364CDE-18#PBFIC ADC 18BIT SPI/SRL 250K 16DFN18250k0
LTC2370CMS-16#PBFIC ADC 16BIT SRL/SPI 2M 16-MSOP162M67 - Immediate
LTC2364IDE-16#PBFIC ADC 16BIT SPI/SRL 250K 16DFN16250k36 - Immediate
LTC2368CMS-16#PBFIC ADC 16BIT SPI/SRL 1M 16-MSOP161M47 - Immediate
LTC2364CMS-18#PBFIC ADC 18BIT SPI/SRL 250K 16MSOP18250k20 - Immediate
LTC2368IMS-16#PBFIC ADC 16BIT SPI/SRL 1M 16-MSOP161M35 - Immediate
LTC2370IMS-16#PBFIC ADC 16BIT SRL/SPI 2M 16-MSOP162M47 - Immediate
LTC2367CDE-18#PBFIC ADC 18BIT SPI/SRL 500K 16DFN18500k91 - Immediate
LTC2367CMS-18#PBFIC ADC 18BIT SPI/SRL 500K 16MSOP18500k15 - Immediate
LTC2368CMS-18#PBFIC ADC 18BIT SPI/SRL 1M 16MSOP181M13 - Immediate
LTC2369IDE-18#PBFIC ADC 18BIT 1.6M 16-DFN181.6M88 - Immediate
LTC2369IMS-18#PBFIC ADC 18BIT 1.6M 16-MSOP181.6M25 - Immediate
LTC2364CDE-16#PBFIC ADC 16BIT SPI/SRL 250K 16DFN16250k7 - Immediate
LTC2367CMS-16#PBFIC ADC 16BIT SPI/SRL 500K 16MSOP16500k14 - Immediate
LTC2364CDE-16#TRPBFIC ADC 16BIT SPI/SRL 250K 16-DFN16250k0
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PTM Published on: 2012-06-18