REDEL Series 1P and 2P

REDEL 1P and 2P Series Overview


The REDEL brand is one of the LEMO brands and is most associated with plastic push-pull latching connectors.  The REDEL 1P and 2P series are heavily used in medical applications. This module will review the features and benefits of this product series. However, the new half size REDEL XP series will be covered by a separate PTM.

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Related Parts

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionPart StatusFor Use With/Related ProductsShell Size - InsertAvailable Quantity
GMA.1B.045.DN datasheet linkBEND RELIEF 4.5MM BLACKGMA.1B.045.DNBEND RELIEF 4.5MM BLACKActive1E, 1K, 1L, 1S Series Connector-508 - Immediate
GMA.1B.045.DN product page link
GMA.1B.054.DN datasheet linkBEND RELIEF 5.4MM BLACKGMA.1B.054.DNBEND RELIEF 5.4MM BLACKActive1E, 1K, 1L Series Connector-495 - Immediate
GMA.1B.054.DN product page link
PAG.M0.2GL.AC52G datasheet linkCONN INLINE PLUG 2PIN SLD CUPPAG.M0.2GL.AC52GCONN INLINE PLUG 2PIN SLD CUPBulkPlug, Male Pins2176 - Immediate
PAG.M0.2GL.AC52G product page link
PAG.M0.4GL.AC52G datasheet linkCONN INLINE PLUG 4PIN SLD CUPPAG.M0.4GL.AC52GCONN INLINE PLUG 4PIN SLD CUPBulkPlug, Male Pins4160 - Immediate
PAG.M0.4GL.AC52G product page link
GMA.1B.035.DG datasheet linkBEND RELIEF 3.5MM GRAYGMA.1B.035.DGBEND RELIEF 3.5MM GRAYActive1B, 1D, 1S Series Connector-495 - Immediate
GMA.1B.035.DG product page link
GMA.1B.040.DN datasheet linkBEND RELIEF 4.0MM BLACKGMA.1B.040.DNBEND RELIEF 4.0MM BLACKActive1S Series Connector-347 - Immediate
GMA.1B.040.DN product page link
GMA.1B.045.DG datasheet linkBEND RELIEF 4.5MM GRAYGMA.1B.045.DGBEND RELIEF 4.5MM GRAYActive1E, 1K, 1L, 1S Series Connector-96 - Immediate
GMA.1B.045.DG product page link
GMA.1B.054.DG datasheet linkBEND RELIEF 5.4MM GRAYGMA.1B.054.DGBEND RELIEF 5.4MM GRAYActive1E, 1K, 1L Series Connector-71 - Immediate
GMA.1B.054.DG product page link
GMA.1B.025.DG datasheet linkBEND RELIEF 2.5MM GRAYGMA.1B.025.DGBEND RELIEF 2.5MM GRAYActive1B, 1D, XB Series Connector-62 - Immediate
GMA.1B.025.DG product page link
GMA.2B.080.DG datasheet linkBEND RELIEF 8.0MM GRAYGMA.2B.080.DGBEND RELIEF 8.0MM GRAYActive2C, 2G Series Connector-80 - Immediate
GMA.2B.080.DG product page link
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PTM Published on: 2012-03-15