Connector Inline Plug 2Pin Solder Cup

K Series


This tutorial will introduce the LEMO K series of connectors as well as cover their features and benefits. The K Series is the watertight version of the B Series. The inclusion of an added gasket and O-rings make it slightly larger than the B Series. The K Series is an excellent selection for outdoor harsh environment applications.
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Related Parts

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionPart StatusAccessory TypeAvailable Quantity
GMA.0B.045.DN datasheet linkBEND RELIEF 4.5MM BLACKGMA.0B.045.DNBEND RELIEF 4.5MM BLACKActiveStrain Relief181 - Immediate
GMA.0B.045.DN product page link
GMA.1B.054.DN datasheet linkBEND RELIEF 5.4MM BLACKGMA.1B.054.DNBEND RELIEF 5.4MM BLACKActiveStrain Relief197 - Immediate
GMA.1B.054.DN product page link
GMA.1B.045.DN datasheet linkBEND RELIEF 4.5MM BLACKGMA.1B.045.DNBEND RELIEF 4.5MM BLACKActiveStrain Relief166 - Immediate
GMA.1B.045.DN product page link
GMA.1B.040.DN datasheet linkBEND RELIEF 4.0MM BLACKGMA.1B.040.DNBEND RELIEF 4.0MM BLACKActiveStrain Relief152 - Immediate
GMA.1B.040.DN product page link
GMA.0B.035.DN datasheet linkBEND RELIEF 3.5MM BLACKGMA.0B.035.DNBEND RELIEF 3.5MM BLACKActiveStrain Relief186 - Immediate
GMA.0B.035.DN product page link
GMA.0B.040.DN datasheet linkBEND RELIEF 4.0MM BLACKGMA.0B.040.DNBEND RELIEF 4.0MM BLACKActiveStrain Relief185 - Immediate
GMA.0B.040.DN product page link
GMA.1B.035.DG datasheet linkBEND RELIEF 3.5MM GRAYGMA.1B.035.DGBEND RELIEF 3.5MM GRAYActiveStrain Relief288 - Immediate
GMA.1B.035.DG product page link
GMA.0B.045.DJ datasheet linkBEND RELIEF 4.5MM YELLOWGMA.0B.045.DJBEND RELIEF 4.5MM YELLOWActiveStrain Relief67 - Immediate
GMA.0B.045.DJ product page link
GMA.1B.054.DG datasheet linkBEND RELIEF 5.4MM GRAYGMA.1B.054.DGBEND RELIEF 5.4MM GRAYActiveStrain Relief88 - Immediate
GMA.1B.054.DG product page link
GMA.1B.025.DG datasheet linkBEND RELIEF 2.5MM GRAYGMA.1B.025.DGBEND RELIEF 2.5MM GRAYActiveStrain Relief62 - Immediate
GMA.1B.025.DG product page link
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PTM Published on: 2012-01-26