Sensor Current 100A 5V BI 8SOIC

FHS 40-P/SP600 Minisens Transducer


This tutorial will introduce the Minisens devices available, their principles of operation, benefits of use, and some of the design tools available.
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Related Parts

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionPackagingFor MeasuringSensor TypeAvailable Quantity
SENSOR CURRENT HALL 100A AC/DCFHS 40-P/SP600SENSOR CURRENT HALL 100A AC/DCCut Tape (CT)AC/DCHall Effect, Open Loop11949 - Immediate
FHS 40-P/SP600 product page link
FHS 40 PCB KIT 5/16AFHS 40-P KIT 8-1PFHS 40 PCB KIT 5/16ACurrent Sensor±16AAnalog8 - Immediate
FHS 40-P KIT 8-1P product page link
FHS 40 PCB KIT 30/78AFHS 40-P KIT 9-1PFHS 40 PCB KIT 30/78ACurrent Sensor±78AAnalog5 - Immediate
FHS 40-P KIT 9-1P product page link
FHS 40 PCB W/JUMPER KIT 10/10AFHS 40-P KIT 6-1PFHS 40 PCB W/JUMPER KIT 10/10ACurrent Sensor±10AAnalog5 - Immediate
FHS 40-P KIT 6-1P product page link
FHS 40 PCB KIT 16/55AFHS 40-P KIT 5-1PFHS 40 PCB KIT 16/55ACurrent Sensor±55AAnalog4 - Immediate
FHS 40-P KIT 5-1P product page link
FHS 40 PCB KIT 16/30AFHS 40-P KIT 4-1PFHS 40 PCB KIT 16/30ACurrent Sensor±30AAnalog1 - Immediate
FHS 40-P KIT 4-1P product page link
FHS 40 PCB KIT 5/11AFHS 40-P KIT 7-1PFHS 40 PCB KIT 5/11ACurrent Sensor±11AAnalog0FHS 40-P KIT 7-1P product page link
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PTM Published on: 2011-10-25