POWR6AT6- Functional Block Diagram

Power and Board Management Solutions

Lattice Semiconductor Corporation

This module will provide information about Lattice’s POWR6 solutions that will reduce designers’ cost while improving the reliability of their system. Integration allows many of the individual resources such as precision voltage references that are used in discrete solutions to be combined, reducing the overall cost.  By using a single integrated solution that monitors, controls and communicates all of the system functions the reliability is greatly improved.
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IC Power Manager

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionPackagingPart StatusApplicationsAvailable Quantity
ISPPAC-POWR605-01SN24I datasheet linkIC PWR MANAGER ISP GP 24-QFNSISPPAC-POWR605-01SN24IIC PWR MANAGER ISP GP 24-QFNSTrayActivePower Supply Monitor1920 - Immediate
ISPPAC-POWR605-01SN24I product page link
ISPPAC-POWR607-01SN32I datasheet linkIC PWR MANAGER ISP GP 32-QFNSISPPAC-POWR607-01SN32IIC PWR MANAGER ISP GP 32-QFNSTrayActivePower Supply Supervisor, Reset Generator, Watchdog Timer947 - Immediate
ISPPAC-POWR607-01SN32I product page link
ISPPAC-POWR6AT6-01SN32I datasheet linkIC PWR MANAGER ISP GP 32-QFNSISPPAC-POWR6AT6-01SN32IIC PWR MANAGER ISP GP 32-QFNSTrayActivePower Supply Controller/Monitor102 - Immediate
ISPPAC-POWR6AT6-01SN32I product page link
ISPPAC-POWR6AT6-01S32I datasheet linkIC PWR MANAGER ISP GP 32-QFNSISPPAC-POWR6AT6-01S32IIC PWR MANAGER ISP GP 32-QFNSTrayObsoletePower Supply Controller/Monitor0ISPPAC-POWR6AT6-01S32I product page link
ISPPAC-POWR607-01NN32I datasheet linkIC PWR MANAGER ISP GP 32-PIN QFNISPPAC-POWR607-01NN32IIC PWR MANAGER ISP GP 32-PIN QFNTrayObsoletePower Supply Supervisor, Reset Generator, Watchdog Timer0ISPPAC-POWR607-01NN32I product page link


ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionPart StatusModule/Board TypeAvailable Quantity
PN-N24/POWR605 datasheet linkADAPTER 24-QFNS ISPPAC-POWR605PN-N24/POWR605ADAPTER 24-QFNS ISPPAC-POWR605ActiveSocket Module - QFN0PN-N24/POWR605 product page link
PN-N32/POWR607 datasheet linkADAPTER 32-QFN PACPOWR607PN-N32/POWR607ADAPTER 32-QFN PACPOWR607ActiveSocket Module - QFN0PN-N32/POWR607 product page link
PN-N32/POWR6AT6 datasheet linkADAPTER 32-QFN ISPPAC-POWR6AT6PN-N32/POWR6AT6ADAPTER 32-QFN ISPPAC-POWR6AT6ActiveSocket Module - QFN0PN-N32/POWR6AT6 product page link

Eval Boards

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionPart StatusMain PurposeEmbeddedAvailable Quantity
PAC-POWR607-EV datasheet linkBOARD EVAL ISPPAC-POWR607PAC-POWR607-EVBOARD EVAL ISPPAC-POWR607ActivePower Management, Power Supply Supervisor/Tracker/SequencerYes, Other11 - Immediate
PAC-POWR607-EV product page link
PACPOWR605-P-EVN datasheet linkBOARD EVAL PROCESSOR PM-POWR605PACPOWR605-P-EVNBOARD EVAL PROCESSOR PM-POWR605ActivePower Management, Power Supply Supervisor/Tracker/Sequencer-2 - Immediate
PACPOWR605-P-EVN product page link
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PTM Published on: 2011-12-19