Board Shield .65x.65" Cover

EMI Board Level Shields

Laird Technologies EMI

This presentation will discuss the importance of shielding products, introduce the different series of Board Level Shields the Laird EMI offers and explain the key features of each series.

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Manufacturer Part NumberDescriptionPackagingHeight - OverallAvailable QuantityBuy Now
BMI-S-201-FBOARD SHIELD .476X.538" FRAMECut Tape (CT)0.100" (2.54mm)9087 - Immediate
BMI-S-101BOARD SHIELD .476X.538" 1PIECECut Tape (CT)0.100" (2.54mm)69445 - Immediate
BMI-S-201-CBOARD SHIELD 0.5 X 0.538" COVERBulk0.100" (2.54mm)9811 - Immediate
BMI-S-202-FBOARD SHIELD .65X.65" FRAMECut Tape (CT)0.142" (3.60mm)82736 - Immediate
BMI-S-102BOARD SHIELD .65X.65" 1PIECECut Tape (CT)0.142" (3.60mm)6683 - Immediate
BMI-S-210-FBOARD SHIELD 1.201X1.732" FRAMECut Tape (CT)0.118" (3.00mm)9183 - Immediate
BMI-S-202-CBOARD SHIELD .65X.65" COVERBulk0.142" (3.60mm)198174 - Immediate
BMI-S-203-FBOARD SHIELD 1.032X1.032" FRAMECut Tape (CT)0.200" (5.08mm)96026 - Immediate
BMI-S-103BOARD SHIELD 1.032X1.032" 1PIECECut Tape (CT)0.200" (5.08mm)3930 - Immediate
BMI-S-205-FBOARD SHIELD 1.0X1.5" FRAMECut Tape (CT)0.236" (6.00mm)16432 - Immediate
BMI-S-204-FBOARD SHIELD 1.26X1.26" FRAMECut Tape (CT)0.236" (6.00mm)4469 - Immediate
BMI-S-203-CBOARD SHIELD 1.032X1.032" COVERBulk0.200" (5.08mm)32800 - Immediate
BMI-S-206-FBOARD SHIELD 1.326X1.45" FRAMECut Tape (CT)0.200" (5.08mm)4315 - Immediate
BMI-S-210-CBOARD SHIELD 1.201X1.732" COVERBulk0.118" (3.00mm)20517 - Immediate
BMI-S-105BOARD SHIELD 1.0X1.5" 1PIECECut Tape (CT)0.236" (6.00mm)4080 - Immediate
BMI-S-207-FBOARD SHIELD 1.747X1.747" FRAMECut Tape (CT)0.384" (9.75mm)3418 - Immediate
BMI-S-209-FBOARD SHIELD FRAMECut Tape (CT)0.276" (7.00mm)6333 - Immediate
BMI-S-205-CBOARD SHIELD 1.0X1.5" COVER*0.236" (6.00mm)6351 - Immediate
BMI-S-106BOARD SHIELD 1.326X1.450" 1PIECECut Tape (CT)0.200" (5.08mm)4784 - Immediate
BMI-S-206-CBOARD SHIELD 1.326X1.45" COVERBulk0.200" (5.08mm)8370 - Immediate
BMI-S-107BOARD SHIELD 1.747X1.747" 1PIECECut Tape (CT)0.384" (9.75mm)1452 - Immediate
BMI-S-204-CBOARD SHIELD 1.26X1.26" COVERBulk0.236" (6.00mm)876 - Immediate
BMI-S-207-CBOARD SHIELD 1.747X1.747" COVERBulk0.384" (9.75mm)754 - Immediate
BMI-S-104BOARD SHIELD 1.26X1.26" 1PIECECut Tape (CT)0.236" (6.00mm)158 - Immediate
BMI-S-209-CBOARD SHIELD COVERBulk0.276" (7.00mm)0
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PTM Published on: 2011-01-24