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This tutorial will describe the thermoelectric module and review the Aztec cooler selection software developed by Laird. The thermoelectric product line will be examined by type, and there will be a discussion of the standard finishing options.
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Related Parts
Manufacturer Part NumberDescriptionOutline L x W x HQmax @ ThDelta Tmax @ ThAvailable QuantityBuy Now
56460-501PELTIER MOD CP10,127,05,L1,W4.529.72mm x 29.72mm x 3.20mm34.3W @ 25°C67°C @ 25°C347 - Immediate
71036-505PELTIER CP08,63,06,L1,W4.524.56mm x 12.29mm x 3.40mm9.0W @ 25°C67°C @ 25°C157 - Immediate
430801-504PELTIER MOD CP10,31,05,L1,W4.515.00mm x 15.00mm x 3.20mm8.2W @ 25°C67°C @ 25°C161 - Immediate
71035-505PELTIER CP08,31,06,L1,W4.512.29mm x 12.29mm x 3.40mm4.5W @ 25°C67°C @ 25°C29 - Immediate
62910-510PELTIER CP08,127,05,L1,W4.524.60mm x 24.60mm x 3.10mm22.6W @ 25°C67°C @ 25°C21 - Immediate
56310-503PELTIER MOD CP10,127,06,L1,W4.529.72mm x 29.72mm x 3.61mm25.7W @ 25°C68°C @ 25°C39 - Immediate
63205-501PELTIER MOD CP10,127,08,L1,W4.529.72mm x 29.72mm x 3.99mm21.4W @ 25°C68°C @ 25°C30 - Immediate
71212-502PELTIER CP085,127,06,L1,W4.529.72mm x 29.72mm x 3.58mm20.0W @ 25°C68°C @ 25°C27 - Immediate
71012-506PELTIER MOD CP10,254,06,L1,W4.529.72mm x 59.44mm x 3.58mm52.9W @ 25°C67°C @ 25°C8 - Immediate
66195-505PELTIER CP08,127,06,L1,W4.524.64mm x 24.64mm x 3.40mm18.1W @ 25°C67°C @ 25°C0
71020-513SH14,125,045,L1,EP,W4.539.88mm x 39.88mm x 3.33mm72.7W @ 25°C67°C @ 25°C0
430278-508OT20,32,F0,0808,11,RT,W2.2510.16mm x 8.13mm x 2.18mm4.4W @ 25°C67°C @ 25°C0
430037-515HOT12,18,F2A,0606,TB,W2.297.20mm x 6.00mm x 2.69mm1.5W @ 25°C64°C @ 25°C0
430533-501SH10,95,06,L,EP,W4.530.00mm x 30.00mm x 3.58mm19.7W @ 25°C67°C @ 25°C0
430104-509HOT12,65,F2A,1312,TB,W2.2913.16mm x 13.16mm x 2.69mm5.3W @ 25°C67°C @ 25°C0
430544-507ET20,24,F2A,0709,11,RT,W2.2510.80mm x 6.60mm x 1.88mm3.3W @ 25°C67°C @ 25°C0
430544-506ET20,24,F2A,0709,11,EP,W2.2510.80mm x 6.60mm x 1.88mm3.3W @ 25°C67°C @ 25°C0
430544-505ET20,24,F2A,0709,11,33,W2.25-3.3W @ 25°C67°C @ 25°C0
430544-504ET20,24,F2A,0709,11,22,W2.2510.80mm x 6.60mm x 2.29mm3.3W @ 25°C67°C @ 25°C0
430040-513HOT20,65,F2A,1312,11,TB,W2.2513.16mm x 13.16mm x 2.18mm8.9W @ 25°C67°C @ 25°C0
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PTM Published on: 2011-06-14