Thermoelectric Assembly Direct Air 3.8A

Thermoelectric Assemblies

Laird Technologies - Thermal Materials

This tutorial will provide a description of thermoelectric assemblies, explain different types of heat transfer mechanisms, and provide an overview of the Laird Technologies’ TEA product line.
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Manufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityBuy Now
DA-020-12-02-00-00THERMOELECT ASSY DIRECT AIR 2.7A39 - Immediate
DA-014-12-02-00-00THERMOELECT ASSY DIRECT AIR 1.8A9 - Immediate
DA-024-12-02-00-00THERMOELECT ASSY DIRECT AIR 2.4A8 - Immediate
DA-044-12-02-00-00THERMOELECT ASSY DIRECT AIR 3.8A12 - Immediate
DA-044-24-02-00-00THERMOELECT ASSY DIRECT-AIR 2.2A8 - Immediate
DA-075-12-02-00-00DIRECT AIR MODULES 7.2A 71W3 - Immediate
DA-075-24-02-00-00THERMOELECT ASSY DIRECT AIR 3.7A10 - Immediate
AA-070-24-22-00-00THERMOELECTRIC ASSY AIR-AIR 3.8A17 - Immediate
DA-160-24-02-00-00THERMOELECT ASSY DIRECT AIR 7.4A15 - Immediate
LA-160-24-02-00-00THERMOELECT ASSY LIQUID-AIR 7.4A5 - Immediate
AA-200-24-44-00-XXTHERMOELECTRC ASSY AIR-AIR 11.3A10 - Immediate
DA-011-05-02-00-00THERMOELECT ASSY DIRECT AIR 2.2A9 - Immediate
DA-045-24-02-00-00THERMOELECT ASSY DIRECT AIR 2.5A7 - Immediate
AA-060-12-22-00-00THERMOELECTRIC ASSY AIR-AIR 6.2A12 - Immediate
LA-024-12-02-00-00THERMOELECT ASSY LIQUID-AIR 2.4A2 - Immediate
DA-034-12-02-00-00THERMOELECT ASSY DIRECT AIR 2.6A7 - Immediate
AA-034-12-22-00-00THERMOELECTRIC ASSY AIR-AIR 3.5A16 - Immediate
AA-027-12-22-00-00THERMOELECTRIC ASSY AIR-AIR 3.1A2 - Immediate
DL-060-12-00-00-00DIRECT TO LIQUID MODULE 4.2A 59W5 - Immediate
DA-045-12-02-00-00THERMOELECT ASSY DIRECT AIR 6.1A17 - Immediate
DA-033-12-02-00-00THERMOELECT ASSY DIRECT AIR 32W4 - Immediate
AA-024-12-22-00-00THERMOELECTRIC ASSY AIR-AIR 2.4A18 - Immediate
LL-060-12-00-00-00LIQUID TO LIQUID MODULES 4.2A7 - Immediate
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PTM Published on: 2012-01-13