Thermoelectric Cooler

Introduction to Thermal Management Using Thin-Film Thermoelectrics

Laird Technologies - Thermal Materials

This presentation will address design challenges that integrate microscale thin-film thermoelectrics for next generation thermal management.
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ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionOutline L x W x HQmax @ ThDelta Tmax @ ThAvailable QuantityBuy Now
HV14,18,F0N,0102,GG,W0,2019430891-420HV14,18,F0N,0102,GG,W0,20192.04mm x 1.89mm x 0.60mm1.3W @ 25°C45°C @ 25°C0
HV37,48,F2,0202,GG,W0430891-414HV37,48,F2,0202,GG,W03.77mm x 2.38mm x 0.62mm3.7W @ 25°C45°C @ 25°C0
HV37,48,F2,0202,GG,W2430891-415HV37,48,F2,0202,GG,W23.77mm x 2.38mm x 0.62mm3.7W @ 25°C45°C @ 25°C0
HV56,72,F2,0203,GG,W0430891-416HV56,72,F2,0203,GG,W03.57mm x 3.54mm x 0.60mm6.5W @ 25°C47°C @ 25°C0
HV56,72,F2,0203,GG,W2430891-417HV56,72,F2,0203,GG,W23.57mm x 3.54mm x 0.60mm6.5W @ 25°C47°C @ 25°C0
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PTM Published on: 2013-05-20