Flex Suppressor Sheets

Flex Suppressor Sheets


This presentation will provide an overview of KEMET Electronics’ new series of Flex Suppressor Sheets. The objectives of this presentation are to define the applications of this product line and the key characteristics to consider when selecting the appropriate KEMET series for an application.
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Related Parts

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionShapeThickness - OverallWidthAvailable Quantity
EFA(003)-240X240T0800 datasheet linkFLEX SUPP. SHEET 240X240X0.03EFA(003)-240X240T0800FLEX SUPP. SHEET 240X240X0.03Sheet0.001" (0.03mm)9.45" (240.03mm)34 - Immediate
EFA(003)-240X240T0800 product page link
EFA(005)-240X240T0800 datasheet linkFLEX SUPP. SHEET 240X240X0.05EFA(005)-240X240T0800FLEX SUPP. SHEET 240X240X0.05Sheet0.002" (0.05mm)9.45" (240.03mm)8 - Immediate
EFA(005)-240X240T0800 product page link
EFA(01)-240X240T0800 datasheet linkFLEX SUPP. SHEET 240X240X0.1EFA(01)-240X240T0800FLEX SUPP. SHEET 240X240X0.1Sheet0.004" (0.1mm)9.45" (240.03mm)9 - Immediate
EFA(01)-240X240T0800 product page link
EFX(01)-240X240T0800 datasheet linkFLEX SUPP. SHEET 240X240X0.1EFX(01)-240X240T0800FLEX SUPP. SHEET 240X240X0.1Sheet0.004" (0.1mm)9.45" (240.03mm)6 - Immediate
EFX(01)-240X240T0800 product page link
EFR(01)-240X240T0800 datasheet linkFLEX SUPP. SHEET 240X240X0.1EFR(01)-240X240T0800FLEX SUPP. SHEET 240X240X0.1Sheet0.004" (0.1mm)9.45" (240.03mm)12 - Immediate
EFR(01)-240X240T0800 product page link
EFX(05)-240X240 datasheet linkFLEX SUPP. SHEET 240X240X0.5EFX(05)-240X240FLEX SUPP. SHEET 240X240X0.5Sheet0.0197" (0.5mm)9.45" (240.03mm)7 - Immediate
EFX(05)-240X240 product page link
EFX(005)-240X240T0800 datasheet linkFLEX SUPP. SHEET 240X240X0.05EFX(005)-240X240T0800FLEX SUPP. SHEET 240X240X0.05Sheet0.002" (0.05mm)9.45" (240.03mm)3 - Immediate
EFX(005)-240X240T0800 product page link
EFR(10)-240X240 datasheet linkFLEX SUPP. SHEET 240X240X1.0EFR(10)-240X240FLEX SUPP. SHEET 240X240X1.0Sheet0.039" (1.0mm)9.45" (240.03mm)1 - Immediate
EFR(10)-240X240 product page link
EFR(005)-240X240T0800 datasheet linkFLEX SUPP. SHEET 240X240X0.05EFR(005)-240X240T0800FLEX SUPP. SHEET 240X240X0.05Sheet0.002" (0.05mm)9.45" (240.03mm)5 - Immediate
EFR(005)-240X240T0800 product page link
EFG(005)-240X240T0800 datasheet linkFLEX SUPP. SHEET 240X240X0.05EFG(005)-240X240T0800FLEX SUPP. SHEET 240X240X0.05Sheet0.002" (0.05mm)9.45" (240.03mm)4 - Immediate
EFG(005)-240X240T0800 product page link
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