KEMET AC Line Filters

AC Line Filters


This presentation will provide an overview of KEMET Electronics’ new series of AC Line Filters. The engineers objectives are to define the role an AC line filter plays in an electronic circuit and to present the features and benefits of each KEMET AC line filter offering.
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Related Parts

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
SS11VL-22013 datasheet linkCMC 1.3MH 2.2A 2LN THSS11VL-22013CMC 1.3MH 2.2A 2LN TH1847 - Immediate
SS11VL-22013 product page link
SS11VL-10062 datasheet linkCMC 6.2MH 1A 2LN THSS11VL-10062CMC 6.2MH 1A 2LN TH1560 - Immediate
SS11VL-10062 product page link
SS11VL-06180 datasheet linkCMC 18MH 600MA 2LN THSS11VL-06180CMC 18MH 600MA 2LN TH1779 - Immediate
SS11VL-06180 product page link
SS11VL-03550 datasheet linkCMC 55MH 300MA 2LN THSS11VL-03550CMC 55MH 300MA 2LN TH1340 - Immediate
SS11VL-03550 product page link
SS11VL-11050 datasheet linkCMC 5MH 1.1A 2LN THSS11VL-11050CMC 5MH 1.1A 2LN TH1169 - Immediate
SS11VL-11050 product page link
SS21V-030930 datasheet linkCMC 93MH 300MA 2LN THSS21V-030930CMC 93MH 300MA 2LN TH1060 - Immediate
SS21V-030930 product page link
SS11VL-08083 datasheet linkCMC 8.3MH 800MA 2LN THSS11VL-08083CMC 8.3MH 800MA 2LN TH2171 - Immediate
SS11VL-08083 product page link
SS11VL-07120 datasheet linkCMC 12MH 700MA 2LN THSS11VL-07120CMC 12MH 700MA 2LN TH637 - Immediate
SS11VL-07120 product page link
SS11VL-05230 datasheet linkCMC 23MH 500MA 2LN THSS11VL-05230CMC 23MH 500MA 2LN TH659 - Immediate
SS11VL-05230 product page link
SS11VL-04350 datasheet linkCMC 35MH 400MA 2LN THSS11VL-04350CMC 35MH 400MA 2LN TH390 - Immediate
SS11VL-04350 product page link
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PTM Published on: 2013-12-03