KEMET AC Line Filters

AC Line Filters


This presentation will provide an overview of KEMET Electronics’ new series of AC Line Filters. The engineers objectives are to define the role an AC line filter plays in an electronic circuit and to present the features and benefits of each KEMET AC line filter offering.
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Related Parts
Manufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityBuy Now
SCF-02-1300AC FILTER T/H HIGH INDUCTANCE1316 - Immediate
SCF25-08-1300AC FILTER T/H HIGH INDUCTANCE139 - Immediate
SU7VC-05011AC FILTER T/H COMMON MODE SU 7VC2083 - Immediate
SU7VC-02120AC FILTER T/H COMMON MODE SU 7VC2307 - Immediate
SS11VL-22013LINE FILTER 1.3MH 2.2 IDC COIL3158 - Immediate
SS11VL-10062LINE FILTER 6.2MH 1.0 IDC COIL1018 - Immediate
SS11VL-13035AC FILTER T/H COMMON MODE SS11VL1257 - Immediate
SS21V-R031380LINE FILTER 138MH .3 IDC SS COIL1086 - Immediate
SS11VL-R30009LINE FILTER 0.9MH 3 IDC SS COIL3043 - Immediate
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PTM Published on: 2013-12-03