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Universal Contact

ITT Interconnect Solutions

This tutorial will present an overview of the Universal Contact system and examine what differentiates the ITT product from the competition.  Also, features and benefits will be reviewed and an example of a typical application will be shown.
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Related Parts

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionMaterialPlatingPlating - ThicknessAvailable Quantity
120220-0210 datasheet linkUNIVERSAL CONTACT 1.3MM SMD120220-0210UNIVERSAL CONTACT 1.3MM SMDBeryllium CopperGold40µin (1.02µm)45552 - Immediate
120220-0210 product page link
120220-0202 datasheet linkUNIVERSAL CONTACT 1.8MM SMD120220-0202UNIVERSAL CONTACT 1.8MM SMDBeryllium CopperGold40µin (1.02µm)193660 - Immediate
120220-0202 product page link
120220-0161 datasheet linkUNIVERSAL CONTACT 2.5MM SMD120220-0161UNIVERSAL CONTACT 2.5MM SMDBeryllium CopperGold40µin (1.02µm)183230 - Immediate
120220-0161 product page link
120220-0206 datasheet linkUNIVERSAL CONTACT 4MM SMD120220-0206UNIVERSAL CONTACT 4MM SMDBeryllium CopperGold40µin (1.02µm)81904 - Immediate
120220-0206 product page link
120220-0204 datasheet linkUNIVERSAL CONTACT 3.5MM SMD120220-0204UNIVERSAL CONTACT 3.5MM SMDBeryllium CopperGold40µin (1.02µm)54837 - Immediate
120220-0204 product page link
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PTM Published on: 2010-11-15