CoolMOS CP series of MOSFETs

CoolMOS™ CP High Voltage MOSFETs

Infineon Technologies

This tutorial will address a comprehensive range of topics regarding CoolMOS CP high voltage MOSFETs.  First,  the underlying technology behind CoolMOS will be explained, giving an insight into the physics behind the MOSFET performance, and how it is influenced by many aspects of chip design and the manufacturing process.
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CoolMOS Series
Manufacturer Part NumberDescriptionPackagingFET TypeFET FeatureAvailable QuantityBuy Now
IPD60R750E6MOSFET N-CH 600V 5.7A TO252-3Cut Tape (CT)MOSFET N-Channel, Metal OxideStandard3728 - Immediate
IPD60R600C6MOSFET N-CH 600V 7.3A TO252Cut Tape (CT)MOSFET N-Channel, Metal OxideStandard9682 - Immediate
IPD50R280CEMOSFET N-CH 500V 13A PG-TO252Cut Tape (CT)MOSFET N-Channel, Metal OxideSuper Junction6880 - Immediate
SPD08N50C3MOSFET N-CH 560V 7.6A DPAKCut Tape (CT)MOSFET N-Channel, Metal OxideStandard14760 - Immediate
IPD90R1K2C3MOSFET N-CH 900V 5.1A TO-252Cut Tape (CT)MOSFET N-Channel, Metal OxideStandard10000 - Immediate
IPB60R280C6MOSFET N-CH 600V 13.8A TO263Cut Tape (CT)MOSFET N-Channel, Metal OxideStandard2466 - Immediate
IPL60R299CPMOSFET N-CH 650V 11.1A 4VSONCut Tape (CT)MOSFET N-Channel, Metal OxideStandard5628 - Immediate
IPL60R199CPMOSFET N-CH 650V 16.4A 4VSONCut Tape (CT)MOSFET N-Channel, Metal OxideStandard3381 - Immediate
SPB20N60C3MOSFET N-CH 650V 20.7A D2PAKCut Tape (CT)MOSFET N-Channel, Metal OxideStandard3787 - Immediate
SPB17N80C3MOSFET N-CH 800V 17A D2PAKCut Tape (CT)MOSFET N-Channel, Metal OxideStandard25179 - Immediate
IPB60R125C6MOSFET N-CH 600V 30A TO263Cut Tape (CT)MOSFET N-Channel, Metal OxideStandard2123 - Immediate
SPA06N80C3MOSFET N-CH 800V 6A TO220FPTubeMOSFET N-Channel, Metal OxideStandard12636 - Immediate
IPP50R299CPMOSFET N-CH 550V 12A TO220-3TubeMOSFET N-Channel, Metal OxideStandard115085 - Immediate
IPP90R800C3MOSFET N-CH 900V 6.9A TO-220TubeMOSFET N-Channel, Metal OxideStandard4832 - Immediate
IPB65R110CFDMOSFET N-CH 650V 31.2A TO263Cut Tape (CT)MOSFET N-Channel, Metal OxideStandard3819 - Immediate
SPA11N80C3MOSFET N-CH 800V 11A TO220FPTubeMOSFET N-Channel, Metal OxideStandard35428 - Immediate
SPW11N80C3MOSFET N-CH 800V 11A TO-247TubeMOSFET N-Channel, Metal OxideStandard905 - Immediate
IPA90R500C3MOSFET N-CH 900V 11A TO220-3TubeMOSFET N-Channel, Metal OxideStandard1000 - Immediate
SPA17N80C3MOSFET N-CH 800V 17A TO220FPTubeMOSFET N-Channel, Metal OxideStandard4385 - Immediate
IPW60R125C6MOSFET N-CH 600V 30A TO247TubeMOSFET N-Channel, Metal OxideStandard1828 - Immediate
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PTM Published on: 2011-04-27