TruStability Pressure Sensors

TruStability™ Silicon Pressure Sensors

Honeywell Sensing and Control

This tutorial will introduce the benefits of the TruStability silicon pressure sensors including:  accuracy levels, use, features/benefits, package styles, competitive advantages, key specifications, and applications.
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Related Parts
Manufacturer Part NumberDescriptionPressure TypeOperating PressurePort SizeAvailable QuantityBuy Now
SSCDANN030PAAA5SENSOR PRESS 30PSI ABSOL 5V DIPAbsolute30 PSIMale, 0.194" (4.9276mm) Tube214 - Immediate
SSCSNBN015PGAA5SENSOR PRES 15PSI GAUG 5V SIPGauge15 PSIMale, 0.19" (4.8mm) Tube, Dual133 - Immediate
SSCDRRN015PDAA5SENSOR PRESS 15PSI DIFF 5V DIPDifferential±15 PSIMale, 0.076" (1.93mm) Tube, Dual263 - Immediate
SSCMNNN015PA2A3SENSOR PRES 15PSI ABSO 3.3V SMDAbsolute15 PSI-173 - Immediate
SSCDANT030PG2A3SENSOR PRES 30PSI GAUGE 3V DGTLGauge30 PSIMale, 0.194" (4.9276mm) Tube1195 - Immediate
SSCSNBN001NDAA5SENSOR PRESSURE DIFF 1" H2O 4SIPDifferential±0.36 PSI, ±1" H2OMale, 0.189" (4.8mm) Tube, Dual113 - Immediate
HSCDRRN001ND2A5SENSOR PRESSURE DIFF 1" H2O 8DIPDifferential±0.04 PSI, ±1" H2OMale, 0.076" (1.93mm) Tube, Dual120 - Immediate
SSCMRND015PGSA3SENSOR PRES 15PSI GAUG 3.3V SMDGauge15 PSIMale, 0.076" (1.93mm) Tube117 - Immediate
HSCMRNN001BGAA5SENSOR PRESSURE GAUGE 1BAR SMTGauge1 barMale, 0.076" (1.93mm) Tube131 - Immediate
SSCSNBN150PGAA5SENSOR PRESS GAUGE 150PSIGauge150 PSIMale, 0.189" (4.8mm) Tube, Dual203 - Immediate
SSCSNBN001PGAA5SENSOR PRES 1PSI GAUG 5V SIPGauge1 PSIMale, 0.19" (4.8mm) Tube, Dual158 - Immediate
SSCSNBN030PGAA5SENSOR PRES 30PSI GAUG 5V SIPGauge30 PSIMale, 0.19" (4.8mm) Tube, Dual147 - Immediate
SSCDANN015PAAA5SENSOR PRES 15PSI ABSO 5V DIPAbsolute15 PSIMale, 0.194" (4.9276mm) Tube90 - Immediate
SSCDRRN005PGAA5SENSOR PRES 5PSI GAUG 5V DIPGauge5 PSIMale, 0.076" (1.93mm) Tube, Dual40 - Immediate
SSCSANN015PAAA5SENSOR PRES 15PSI ABSO 5V SIPAbsolute15 PSIMale, 0.194" (4.9276mm) Tube35 - Immediate
HSCDRNN030PAAA3SENSOR PRES 30PSI ABSO 3.3V DIPAbsolute30 PSIMale, 0.076" (1.93mm) Tube26 - Immediate
HSCSAAN001PDAA5SENSOR PRESS 1PSI DIFF 5V SIPDifferential±1 PSIMale, 0.194" (4.9276mm) Tube, Dual25 - Immediate
HSCMANN100PGAA3SENS PRESS 100PSI GAUGE 3.3V SMDGauge100 PSIMale, 0.194" (4.9276mm) Tube21 - Immediate
HSCMRRN001PD2A3SENSOR PRES 1PSI DIFF 3.3V SMDDifferential±1 PSIMale, 0.076" (1.93mm) Tube, Dual11 - Immediate
SSCSNBN015PAAA5SENSOR PRES 15PSI ABSO 5V SIPAbsolute15 PSIMale, 0.19" (4.8mm) Tube, Dual24 - Immediate
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PTM Published on: 2011-08-29