Waterproof Connectors

Waterproof Connector Series

Hirose Electric Co Ltd

This tutorial will show the variety of waterproof connectors that are available from Hirose and to explain the features of each.
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Related Parts
Manufacturer Part NumberDescriptionPackagingConnector TypeAvailable QuantityBuy Now
HR22-12TPD-20SC(73)CONN PLUG 20POS FEMALE CRIMPBulkPlug for Female Contacts26 - Immediate
HR30-TPTOOL EXTRACTION HR30Extraction ToolCircular Connector Contacts47 - Immediate
HR22-12TPD-20S(73)CONN PLUG 20POS FEMALE SOLDERBulkPlug, Female Sockets44 - Immediate
RM15WTLP-12P(71)CONN PLUG 12POS CABLE PINBulkPlug, Male Pins38 - Immediate
HR22-12WTRA-20SC(73)CONN CIRCULAR SKT 20POS CRIMPBulkReceptacle for Female Contacts71 - Immediate
HR22-12TPD-20PC(73)CONN PLUG 20POS MALE CRIMPBulkPlug for Male Contacts47 - Immediate
HR22-12TPD-20P(73)CONN PLUG 20POS MALE SOLDERBulkPlug, Male Pins31 - Immediate
HR30-6P-6S-T01TOOL WIRING JIG FOR SOLDER PLUGWiring JigHR30 Series Plugs2 - Immediate
HR30-6R-6P-T01TOOL WIRING JIG FOR RECEPT/JACKWiring JigHR30 Series Jacks2 - Immediate
LF-TC-01TOOL HAND CABLE CLAMP CRIMPHand Crimper, CableCircular Connectors, Cable Dia 7.3mm ~ 8.7mm9 - Immediate
HR22-12TJD-20P(73)CONN JACK 20POS MALE SOLDERBulkJack, Male Pins11 - Immediate
JR13WCCA-6(72)CONN STRAIN RELIEF JR13 6MMStrain ReliefJR-W and RM-W Series Connectors93 - Immediate
JR13WCC-8(72)CONN CABLE CLAMP SZ 13 M16 BLACKCable Clamp0.315" (8.00mm)9 - Immediate
JR13WCC-9(72)CONN CABLE CLAMP SZ 13 M16 BLACKCable Clamp0.354" (9.00mm)4 - Immediate
LF10BP-T01TOOL JIG ASSEM FOR LF10 PLUGAssembly Jig-2 - Immediate
LF10BJ-T01TOOL JIG ASSEM FOR LF10 JACKAssembly Jig-2 - Immediate
HR30-6P-T02TOOL BACK SHELL TIGHTING COLLARCollarHR30 Series Backshells, 3 and 6 pos0
HR22-TA2428HCTOOL MANUAL CRIMP HR22 AWG24-28Hand CrimperCircular Contacts, 24-28 AWG1 - Immediate
RM21WTP-CP(12)(71)CONN CABLE CLAMP INT SZ 21 M20Cable Clamp, Internal0.472" (12.00mm)0
HR22-12TJD-20PC(73)CONN JACK 20POS MALE CRIMPBulkJack for Male Contacts0
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PTM Published on: 2011-06-08