Waterproof Connectors

Waterproof Connector Series

Hirose Electric Co Ltd

This tutorial will show the variety of waterproof connectors that are available from Hirose and to explain the features of each.
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Related Parts
Manufacturer Part NumberDescriptionPackagingPin or SocketAvailable QuantityBuy Now
HR30-SC-211CONTACT SKT CRIMP 26-30AWG GOLDTape & Reel (TR)Socket30000 - Immediate
HR30-SC-211CONTACT SKT CRIMP 26-30AWG GOLDCut Tape (CT)Socket35349 - Immediate
HR30-7R-C(71)CONN DUST CAP FOR 10&12POS RECPTCap (Cover), DustHR30 Series Receptacles4493 - Immediate
HR30-8R-12SC(71)CONN RECEPT 12POS FEMALE CRIMPTrayReceptacle for Female Contacts1526 - Immediate
HR30-6R-6PD(71)CONN RECEPT 6POS MALE T/HTrayReceptacle, Male Pins387 - Immediate
HR30-7P-12SC(71)CONN PLUG 12POS FEMALE CRIMPTrayPlug for Female Contacts468 - Immediate
HR30-6R-6P(71)CONN RECEPT 6POS MALE SOLDERTrayReceptacle, Male Pins1997 - Immediate
HR30-6PA-6S(71)CONN PLUG 6POS FEMALE SOLDERTrayPlug, Female Sockets3633 - Immediate
HR30-6P-6S(71)CONN PLUG 6POS FEMALE SOLDERTrayPlug, Female Sockets3718 - Immediate
HR30-6JA-6P(71)CONN JACK 6POS MALE SOLDERTrayJack, Male Pins10162 - Immediate
HR30-6R-6S(71)CONN RECEPT 6POS FEMALE SOLDERTrayReceptacle, Female Sockets514 - Immediate
HR30-6J-6P(71)CONN JACK 6POS MALE SOLDERTrayJack, Male Pins1063 - Immediate
HR30-6R-3P(71)CONN RECEPT 3POS MALE SOLDERTrayReceptacle, Male Pins1035 - Immediate
HR30-6P-6P(71)CONN PLUG 6POS MALE SOLDERTrayPlug, Male Pins458 - Immediate
HR30-6PA-6P(71)CONN PLUG 6POS MALE SOLDERTrayPlug, Male Pins685 - Immediate
LF07WBR-6PCONN RCPT WATERPROOF 6POS MALEBulkReceptacle, Male Pins548 - Immediate
HR30-7R-12P(71)CONN RECEPT 12POS MALE SOLDERTrayReceptacle, Male Pins274 - Immediate
HR30-8R-12S(71)CONN RECEPT 12POS FEMALE SOLDERTrayReceptacle, Female Sockets976 - Immediate
HR30-8P-12P(71)CONN PLUG 12POS MALE SOLDERTrayPlug, Male Pins434 - Immediate
HR30-7P-12S(71)CONN PLUG 12POS FEMALE SOLDERTrayPlug, Female Sockets668 - Immediate
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PTM Published on: 2011-06-08