FH19 Connectors

FH19 - 0.5mm FPC/FFC Low Profile Connectors

Hirose Electric Co Ltd

This tutorial will include basic features and benefits, application examples, and specifications of the Hirose FH19 Series.
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Related Parts

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionPart StatusFlat Flex TypeAvailable Quantity
FH19C-6S-0.5SH(05) datasheet linkCONN FFC BOTTOM 6POS 0.50MM R/AFH19C-6S-0.5SH(05)CONN FFC BOTTOM 6POS 0.50MM R/AActiveFFC, FPC19547 - Immediate
FH19C-6S-0.5SH(05) product page link
FH19SC-17S-0.5SH(05) datasheet linkCONN FFC BOTTOM 17POS 0.50MM R/AFH19SC-17S-0.5SH(05)CONN FFC BOTTOM 17POS 0.50MM R/AActiveFFC, FPC7894 - Immediate
FH19SC-17S-0.5SH(05) product page link
FH19SC-20S-0.5SH(05) datasheet linkCONN FFC BOTTOM 20POS 0.50MM R/AFH19SC-20S-0.5SH(05)CONN FFC BOTTOM 20POS 0.50MM R/AActiveFFC, FPC8500 - Immediate
FH19SC-20S-0.5SH(05) product page link
FH19SC-26S-0.5SH(05) datasheet linkCONN FFC BOTTOM 26POS 0.50MM R/AFH19SC-26S-0.5SH(05)CONN FFC BOTTOM 26POS 0.50MM R/AActiveFFC, FPC8292 - Immediate
FH19SC-26S-0.5SH(05) product page link
FH19C-30S-0.5SH(05) datasheet linkCONN FFC BOTTOM 30POS 0.50MM R/AFH19C-30S-0.5SH(05)CONN FFC BOTTOM 30POS 0.50MM R/AActiveFFC, FPC11731 - Immediate
FH19C-30S-0.5SH(05) product page link
FH19C-10S-0.5SH(05) datasheet linkCONN FFC BOTTOM 10POS 0.50MM R/AFH19C-10S-0.5SH(05)CONN FFC BOTTOM 10POS 0.50MM R/AActiveFFC, FPC9409 - Immediate
FH19C-10S-0.5SH(05) product page link
FH19C-8S-0.5SH(05) datasheet linkCONN FFC BOTTOM 8POS 0.50MM R/AFH19C-8S-0.5SH(05)CONN FFC BOTTOM 8POS 0.50MM R/AActiveFFC, FPC2348 - Immediate
FH19C-8S-0.5SH(05) product page link
FH19C-15S-0.5SH(05) datasheet linkCONN FFC BOTTOM 15POS 0.50MM R/AFH19C-15S-0.5SH(05)CONN FFC BOTTOM 15POS 0.50MM R/AActiveFFC, FPC7046 - Immediate
FH19C-15S-0.5SH(05) product page link
FH19SC-16S-0.5SH(05) datasheet linkCONN FFC BOTTOM 16POS 0.50MM R/AFH19SC-16S-0.5SH(05)CONN FFC BOTTOM 16POS 0.50MM R/AActiveFFC, FPC4452 - Immediate
FH19SC-16S-0.5SH(05) product page link
FH19C-20S-0.5SH(05) datasheet linkCONN FFC BOTTOM 20POS 0.50MM R/AFH19C-20S-0.5SH(05)CONN FFC BOTTOM 20POS 0.50MM R/AActiveFFC, FPC3371 - Immediate
FH19C-20S-0.5SH(05) product page link
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PTM Published on: 2010-12-06