Cored Wire

Multicore Cored Wire for Soldering


This presentation will introduce cored solder wire, and the different soldering processes that make use of it. The module will look at what cored solder wire is, how it’s used, and the critical parameters used to specify cored wire. 
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Manufacturer Part NumberDescriptionProcessTypeFlux TypeAvailable QuantityBuy Now
38926160/40 370 3% .015DIA./28SWGLeadedWire SolderRosin Activated (RA)387 - Immediate
38684463/37 400 2% .015DIA/28SWGLeadedWire SolderNo-Clean311 - Immediate
73300197SC 400 2% .022DIA 23AWG 24SWGLead FreeWire SolderNo-Clean173 - Immediate
67382897SC 400 2% .022DIA/24SWGLead FreeWire SolderNo-Clean237 - Immediate
79603797SC C511 2% .015DIA/28SWGLead FreeWire SolderRosin Mildly Activated (RMA)171 - Immediate
79606597SC 400 2% .015DIA 26AWG 27SWGLead FreeWire SolderNo-Clean205 - Immediate
67383197SC 400 2% .048DIA/18SWGLead FreeWire SolderNo-Clean146 - Immediate
73300297SC C511 2% .032DIA/21SWGLead FreeWire SolderNo-Clean114 - Immediate
67382997SC 400 2% .032DIA/21SWGLead FreeWire SolderNo-Clean179 - Immediate
39798263/37 CRYSL 502 3% .015DIA/28SWGLeadedWire SolderNo-Clean73 - Immediate
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PTM Published on: 2013-08-30