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This tutorial will provide an overview of the EZ–BoardWare line of SMT board hardware products. It will also explain the special features and advantages of each product.
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Related Parts

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
S1621-46R datasheet linkJUMPER TIN SMDS1621-46RJUMPER TIN SMD210006 - Immediate
S1621-46R product page link
S1731-46R datasheet linkJUMPER TIN SMDS1731-46RJUMPER TIN SMD65211 - Immediate
S1731-46R product page link
S8111-46R datasheet linkCBL CLIP 1-1.5MM DIA CBL SMDS8111-46RCBL CLIP 1-1.5MM DIA CBL SMD23020 - Immediate
S8111-46R product page link
S1751-46R datasheet linkPC TEST POINT TIN SMDS1751-46RPC TEST POINT TIN SMD130692 - Immediate
S1751-46R product page link
S1721-46R datasheet linkRFI SHIELD CLIP MINI TIN SMDS1721-46RRFI SHIELD CLIP MINI TIN SMD155310 - Immediate
S1721-46R product page link
S1411-46R datasheet linkRFI SHIELD CLIP MAXI TIN SMDS1411-46RRFI SHIELD CLIP MAXI TIN SMD11196 - Immediate
S1411-46R product page link
S1711-46R datasheet linkRFI SHIELD CLIP TIN SMDS1711-46RRFI SHIELD CLIP TIN SMD44247 - Immediate
S1711-46R product page link
S8101-46R datasheet linkCBL CLIP FOR 1MM DIA CBL SMDS8101-46RCBL CLIP FOR 1MM DIA CBL SMD112456 - Immediate
S8101-46R product page link
S8121-46R datasheet linkCBL CLIP FOR 1.5-2MM DIA CBL SMDS8121-46RCBL CLIP FOR 1.5-2MM DIA CBL SMD5868 - Immediate
S8121-46R product page link
S1741-46R datasheet linkRFI SHIELD FINGER TIN 2.5MM SMDS1741-46RRFI SHIELD FINGER TIN 2.5MM SMD18072 - Immediate
S1741-46R product page link
S8131-46R datasheet linkCBL CLIP FOR 2-3MM DIA CBL SMDS8131-46RCBL CLIP FOR 2-3MM DIA CBL SMD10549 - Immediate
S8131-46R product page link
S7221-45R datasheet linkRFI SHIELD FINGER AU 1.23MM SMDS7221-45RRFI SHIELD FINGER AU 1.23MM SMD17210 - Immediate
S7221-45R product page link
S7231-45R datasheet linkRFI SHIELD FINGER AU 1.28MM SMDS7231-45RRFI SHIELD FINGER AU 1.28MM SMD0S7231-45R product page link
S7141-45R datasheet linkRFI SHIELD FINGER AU 2.5MM SMDS7141-45RRFI SHIELD FINGER AU 2.5MM SMD5305 - Immediate
S7141-45R product page link
S7131-45R datasheet linkRFI SHIELD FINGER AU 2MM SMDS7131-45RRFI SHIELD FINGER AU 2MM SMD5133 - Immediate
S7131-45R product page link
S7271-45R datasheet linkRFI SHIELD FINGER AU 2MM SMDS7271-45RRFI SHIELD FINGER AU 2MM SMD11583 - Immediate
S7271-45R product page link
S1761-46R datasheet linkEMI SHIELD FINGER T&R(2000/R)S1761-46REMI SHIELD FINGER T&R(2000/R)12680 - Immediate
S1761-46R product page link
S7241-45R datasheet linkRFI SHIELD FINGER AU 1.3MM SMDS7241-45RRFI SHIELD FINGER AU 1.3MM SMD15583 - Immediate
S7241-45R product page link
S7261-45R datasheet linkRFI SHIELD FINGER AU 1.5MM SMDS7261-45RRFI SHIELD FINGER AU 1.5MM SMD15832 - Immediate
S7261-45R product page link
S7251-45R datasheet linkRFI SHIELD FINGER AU 1.5MM SMDS7251-45RRFI SHIELD FINGER AU 1.5MM SMD7552 - Immediate
S7251-45R product page link
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PTM Published on: 2010-06-14