Datamate S-Tek

Datamate S-Tek Overview

Harwin Inc

This tutorial will discuss the S-Tek Datamate connector’s typical markets and applications, cover the materials it is made from, and provide the tooling requirements to be used.
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ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
M80-0130005 datasheet linkCONN FEMALE 24-28AWG GOLD CRIMPM80-0130005CONN FEMALE 24-28AWG GOLD CRIMP17796 - Immediate
M80-0130005 product page link
M80-0110005 datasheet linkCONN FEMALE 22AWG GOLD CRIMPM80-0110005CONN FEMALE 22AWG GOLD CRIMP4362 - Immediate
M80-0110005 product page link
Z80-280 product page link
M22520/2-01 datasheet linkTOOL HAND CRIMPER 22-28AWG SIDEM22520/2-01TOOL HAND CRIMPER 22-28AWG SIDE47 - Immediate
M22520/2-01 product page link
M80-0130001 datasheet linkFEMALE SMALL BORE CRIMP CONTACTM80-0130001FEMALE SMALL BORE CRIMP CONTACT4840 - Immediate
M80-0130001 product page link
Z80-193 datasheet linkPOSITIONR M22520/2-01 MALE S-TEKZ80-193POSITIONR M22520/2-01 MALE S-TEK9 - Immediate
Z80-193 product page link
M80-0110001 datasheet linkFEMALE LARGE BORE CRIMP CONTACTM80-0110001FEMALE LARGE BORE CRIMP CONTACT280 - Immediate
M80-0110001 product page link
M80-1950005 datasheet linkCONN MALE 24-28AWG GOLD CRIMPM80-1950005CONN MALE 24-28AWG GOLD CRIMP0M80-1950005 product page link
M80-5C10605B1 datasheet linkCONN PLUG 2MM PNL MNT SHLD 6POSM80-5C10605B1CONN PLUG 2MM PNL MNT SHLD 6POS0M80-5C10605B1 product page link
M80-5C11005B1 datasheet linkCONN PLUG 2MM PNL MNT SHLD 10POSM80-5C11005B1CONN PLUG 2MM PNL MNT SHLD 10POS0M80-5C11005B1 product page link
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PTM Published on: 2011-02-02