har-port Service Port Interface


This presentation will introduce the HARTING compact service interface system, detailing the range of options available, the features and benefits.
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Related Parts

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
09454521901 datasheet linkCONN ADAPT USB A FMALE/FMALE 2.009454521901CONN ADAPT USB A FMALE/FMALE 2.0179 - Immediate
09454521901 product page link
09454521560 datasheet linkCONN MOD COUPLER 8P8C TO 8P8C09454521560CONN MOD COUPLER 8P8C TO 8P8C009454521560 product page link
09454521902 datasheet linkCONN ADAPT USB A FMALE/FMALE 3.009454521902CONN ADAPT USB A FMALE/FMALE 3.0300 - Immediate
09454521902 product page link
09454521504 datasheet linkCONN RJ45 COUPLR CAT6 W/CBL 0.5M09454521504CONN RJ45 COUPLR CAT6 W/CBL 0.5M125 - Immediate
09454521504 product page link
09455020000 datasheet linkCONN CAP FOR HARPORT CONNECTORS09455020000CONN CAP FOR HARPORT CONNECTORS143 - Immediate
09455020000 product page link
09454521922 datasheet linkHAR-PORT USB 2.0 A-A ; 1,5M09454521922HAR-PORT USB 2.0 A-A ; 1,5M67 - Immediate
09454521922 product page link
09454521509 datasheet linkCONN RJ45 COUPLER CAT6 W/CBL 1M09454521509CONN RJ45 COUPLER CAT6 W/CBL 1M31 - Immediate
09454521509 product page link
09459711123 datasheet linkCABLE RJ45 CAT5E 2M09459711123CABLE RJ45 CAT5E 2M63 - Immediate
09459711123 product page link
09454521511 datasheet linkCONN RJ45 COUPLER CAT6 W/CBL 2M09454521511CONN RJ45 COUPLER CAT6 W/CBL 2M2 - Immediate
09454521511 product page link
09454521912 datasheet linkCABLE USB B FEMALE/MALE 2.0 1.5M09454521912CABLE USB B FEMALE/MALE 2.0 1.5M32 - Immediate
09454521912 product page link
09459711104 datasheet linkCABLE RJ45 CAT5E 3M09459711104CABLE RJ45 CAT5E 3M31 - Immediate
09459711104 product page link
09452451902 datasheet linkPP USB 2A COMPACT W/BULKHEAD09452451902PP USB 2A COMPACT W/BULKHEAD6 - Immediate
09452451902 product page link
09455020005 datasheet linkCONN DUST CAP09455020005CONN DUST CAP58 - Immediate
09455020005 product page link
09452451904 datasheet linkCONN ADAPTER USB A FMALE/FMALE09452451904CONN ADAPTER USB A FMALE/FMALE18 - Immediate
09452451904 product page link
09452451903 datasheet linkPP USB 2A EASYINSTALL W/BULKHEAD09452451903PP USB 2A EASYINSTALL W/BULKHEAD24 - Immediate
09452451903 product page link
09459711112 datasheet linkCABLE RJ45 CAT5E 10M09459711112CABLE RJ45 CAT5E 10M8 - Immediate
09459711112 product page link
09454521510 datasheet linkCONN RJ45 COUPLR CAT6 W/CBL 1.5M09454521510CONN RJ45 COUPLR CAT6 W/CBL 1.5M28 - Immediate
09454521510 product page link
09454521516 datasheet linkCONN RJ45 COUPLER CAT6 W/CBL 5M09454521516CONN RJ45 COUPLER CAT6 W/CBL 5M30 - Immediate
09454521516 product page link
09459711145 product page link
09455020001 datasheet linkCONN SEAL CAP FOR HARPORT CONN09455020001CONN SEAL CAP FOR HARPORT CONN25 - Immediate
09455020001 product page link
09455020002 datasheet linkCONN LABEL HLDR FOR HARPORT CONN09455020002CONN LABEL HLDR FOR HARPORT CONN009455020002 product page link
09455020003 datasheet linkCONN LABEL FOR HARPORT CONNECTOR09455020003CONN LABEL FOR HARPORT CONNECTOR009455020003 product page link
09459711102 datasheet linkCABLE RJ45 CAT5E 1M09459711102CABLE RJ45 CAT5E 1M19 - Immediate
09459711102 product page link
09459711103 datasheet linkCABLE RJ45 CAT5E 2M09459711103CABLE RJ45 CAT5E 2M10 - Immediate
09459711103 product page link
09459711106 datasheet linkCABLE RJ45 CAT5E 5M09459711106CABLE RJ45 CAT5E 5M25 - Immediate
09459711106 product page link
09455020004 datasheet linkCONN CAP FOR HARPORT CONNECTORS09455020004CONN CAP FOR HARPORT CONNECTORS009455020004 product page link
PTM Published on: 2013-09-17