har-flexicon® Connector and Terminal Block Series


In this presentation HARTING will introduce a range of compact and innovative products that allow fast single conductor wiring of I/O signals onto the PCB. 

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14110410002000TERM BLK HDR 4POS R/A 1.27MM1074 - Immediate
14011013102000TERM BLK SIDE ENTRY 10POS 2.54MM826 - Immediate
14311013101000TERM BLOCK PLUG 10POS STR 2.54MM117 - Immediate
14010913101000TERM BLK TOP ENTRY 9POS 2.54MM499 - Immediate
14010913102000TERM BLK SIDE ENTRY 9POS 2.54MM988 - Immediate
14110913002000TERM BLK HDR 9POS R/A 2.54MM1176 - Immediate
14011013101000TERM BLK TOP ENTRY 10POS 2.54MM446 - Immediate
14110913001000TERM BLOCK HDR 9POS VERT 2.54MM997 - Immediate
14011113102000TERM BLK SIDE ENTRY 11POS 2.54MM997 - Immediate
14111013002000TERM BLK HDR 10POS R/A 2.54MM1181 - Immediate
14011113101000TERM BLK TOP ENTRY 11POS 2.54MM500 - Immediate
14011213102000TERM BLK SIDE ENTRY 12POS 2.54MM921 - Immediate
14111013001000TERM BLOCK HDR 10POS VERT 2.54MM900 - Immediate
14111113002000TERM BLK HDR 11POS R/A 2.54MM1200 - Immediate
14011213101000TERM BLK TOP ENTRY 12POS 2.54MM373 - Immediate
14111113001000TERM BLOCK HDR 11POS VERT 2.54MM994 - Immediate
14111213002000TERM BLK HDR 12POS R/A 2.54MM1196 - Immediate
14111213001000TERM BLOCK HDR 12POS VERT 2.54MM995 - Immediate
14310713101000TERM BLOCK PLUG 7POS STR 2.54MM133 - Immediate
14311213101000TERM BLOCK PLUG 12POS STR 2.54MM109 - Immediate
14110313002000TERM BLK HDR 3POS 4/A 2.54MM1180 - Immediate
14110413001000TERM BLOCK HDR 4POS VERT 2.54MM1023 - Immediate
14110513002000TERM BLK HDR 5POS R/A 2.54MM1179 - Immediate
14110613002000TERM BLK HDR 6POS R/A 2.54MM1185 - Immediate
14110713002000TERM BLK HDR 7POS R/A 2.54MM1200 - Immediate
14110813002000TERM BLK HDR 8POS R/A 2.54MM1136 - Immediate
14110213002000TERM BLK HDR 2POS R/A 2.54MM839 - Immediate
14310213101000TERM BLOCK PLUG 2POS STR 2.54MM207 - Immediate
14010413102000TERM BLK SIDE ENTRY 4POS 2.54MM871 - Immediate
14110413002000TERM BLK HDR 4POS R/A 2.54MM944 - Immediate
14010613102000TERM BLK SIDE ENTRY 6POS 2.54MM961 - Immediate
14010613101000TERM BLK TOP ENTRY 6POS 2.54MM451 - Immediate
14010813102000TERM BLK SIDE ENTRY 8POS 2.54MM918 - Immediate
14010813101000TERM BLK TOP ENTRY 8POS 2.54MM341 - Immediate
14310513101000TERM BLOCK PLUG 5POS STR 2.54MM150 - Immediate
14310813101000TERM BLOCK PLUG 8POS STR 2.54MM39 - Immediate
14010313102000TERM BLK SIDE ENTRY 3POS 2.54MM938 - Immediate
14110313001000TERM BLOCK HDR 3POS VERT 2.54MM1000 - Immediate
14010313101000TERM BLK TOP ENTRY 3POS 2.54MM400 - Immediate
14010513102000TERM BLK SIDE ENTRY 5POS 2.54MM993 - Immediate
14010513101000TERM BLK TOP ENTRY 5POS 2.54MM432 - Immediate
14110513001000TERM BLOCK HDR 5POS VERT 2.54MM955 - Immediate
14010713102000TERM BLK SIDE ENTRY 7POS 2.54MM989 - Immediate
14110613001000TERM BLOCK HDR 6POS VERT 2.54MM712 - Immediate
14310313101000TERM BLOCK PLUG 3POS STR 2.54MM195 - Immediate
14110713001000TERM BLOCK HDR 7POS VERT 2.54MM983 - Immediate
14110813001000TERM BLOCK HDR 8POS VERT 2.54MM910 - Immediate
14310913101000TERM BLOCK PLUG 9POS STR 2.54MM86 - Immediate
14311113101000TERM BLOCK PLUG 11POS STR 2.54MM94 - Immediate
14010213102000TERM BLK SIDE ENTRY 2POS 2.54MM809 - Immediate
14110213001000TERM BLOCK HDR 2POS VERT 2.54MM389 - Immediate
14010213101000TERM BLK TOP ENTRY 2POS 2.54MM232 - Immediate
14010713101000TERM BLK TOP ENTRY 7POS 2.54MM250 - Immediate
14310413101000TERM BLOCK PLUG 4POS STR 2.54MM10 - Immediate
14010413101000TERM BLK TOP ENTRY 4POS 2.54MM0
14310613101000TERM BLOCK PLUG 6POS STR 2.54MM0
14310410301000TERM BLOCK PLUG 4POS STR 1.27MM23 - Immediate
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PTM Published on: 2014-05-15