This presentation will introduce users to the versatile har-flex connector system from HARTING, detailing the range of options available and the features and benefits.
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Manufacturer Part NumberDescriptionContact TypeConnector TypeAvailable QuantityBuy Now
15110502601000CONN HEADER 50POS SMT GOLDMale PinHeader, Shrouded700 - Immediate
15210502601000CONN RECPT 50POS 1.27MM SMDReceptacleFemale Socket297 - Immediate
15250062601000CONN RECPT 6POS 1.27MM R/AReceptacleFemale Socket1056 - Immediate
15150162601000CONN HEADER 16POS SMT R/A GOLDMale PinHeader, Shrouded1000 - Immediate
15250122601000CONN RECPT 12POS 1.27MM R/AReceptacleFemale Socket1029 - Immediate
15150202601000CONN HEADER 20POS SMT R/A GOLDMale PinHeader, Shrouded1514 - Immediate
15250162601000CONN RECPT 16POS 1.27MM R/AReceptacleFemale Socket943 - Immediate
15150262601000CONN HEADER 26POS SMT R/A GOLDMale PinHeader, Shrouded800 - Immediate
15250202601000CONN RECPT 20POS 1.27MM R/AReceptacleFemale Socket995 - Immediate
15110062601000CONN HEADER 6POS SMT GOLDMale PinHeader, Shrouded532 - Immediate
15120062601000CONN HEADER 6POS SMT GOLDMale PinHeader, Shrouded688 - Immediate
15220062601000CONN RECPT 6POS 1.27MM SMDReceptacleFemale Socket499 - Immediate
15150322601000CONN HEADER 32POS SMT R/A GOLDMale PinHeader, Shrouded626 - Immediate
15110122601000CONN HEADER 12POS SMT GOLDMale PinHeader, Shrouded325 - Immediate
15120122601000CONN HEADER 12POS SMT GOLDMale PinHeader, Shrouded324 - Immediate
15220122601000CONN RECPT 12POS 1.27MM SMDReceptacleFemale Socket831 - Immediate
15150402601000CONN HEADER 40POS SMT R/A GOLDMale PinHeader, Shrouded924 - Immediate
15250322601000CONN RECPT 32POS 1.27MM R/AReceptacleFemale Socket1022 - Immediate
15210162601000CONN RECPT 16POS 1.27MM SMDReceptacleFemale Socket343 - Immediate
15110202601000CONN HEADER 20POS SMT GOLDMale PinHeader, Shrouded313 - Immediate
15120202601000CONN HEADER 20POS SMT GOLDMale PinHeader, Shrouded526 - Immediate
15210202601000CONN RECPT 20POS 1.27MM SMDReceptacleFemale Socket503 - Immediate
15250402601000CONN RECPT 40POS 1.27MM R/AReceptacleFemale Socket1050 - Immediate
15150502601000CONN HEADER 50POS SMT R/A GOLDMale PinHeader, Shrouded907 - Immediate
15220202601000CONN RECPT 20POS 1.27MM SMDReceptacleFemale Socket546 - Immediate
15150122601000CONN HEADER 12POS SMT R/A GOLDMale PinHeader, Shrouded425 - Immediate
15110262601000CONN HEADER 26POS SMT GOLDMale PinHeader, Shrouded330 - Immediate
15220262601000CONN RECPT 26POS 1.27MM SMDReceptacleFemale Socket620 - Immediate
15110322601000CONN HEADER 32POS SMT GOLDMale PinHeader, Shrouded364 - Immediate
15120322601000CONN HEADER 32POS SMT GOLDMale PinHeader, Shrouded516 - Immediate
15250502601000CONN RECPT 50POS 1.27MM R/AReceptacleFemale Socket1054 - Immediate
15110402601000CONN HEADER 40POS SMT GOLDMale PinHeader, Shrouded538 - Immediate
15210402601000CONN RECPT 40POS 1.27MM SMDReceptacleFemale Socket364 - Immediate
15220402601000CONN RECPT 40POS 1.27MM SMDReceptacleFemale Socket542 - Immediate
15150682601000CONN HEADER 68POS SMT R/A GOLDMale PinHeader, Shrouded889 - Immediate
15120502601000CONN HEADER 50POS SMT GOLDMale PinHeader, Shrouded787 - Immediate
15220502601000CONN RECPT 50POS 1.27MM SMDReceptacleFemale Socket530 - Immediate
15210122601000CONN RECPT 12POS 1.27MM SMDReceptacleFemale Socket178 - Immediate
15250802601000CONN RECPT 80POS 1.27MM R/AReceptacleFemale Socket1110 - Immediate
15120802601000CONN HEADER 80POS SMT GOLDMale PinHeader, Shrouded487 - Immediate
15151002601000CONN HEADER 100POS SMT R/A GOLDMale PinHeader, Shrouded770 - Immediate
15220682601000CONN RECPT 68POS 1.27MM SMDReceptacleFemale Socket520 - Immediate
15220322601000CONN RECPT 32POS 1.27MM SMDReceptacleFemale Socket108 - Immediate
15111002601000CONN HEADER 100POS SMT GOLDMale PinHeader, Shrouded553 - Immediate
15121002601000CONN HEADER 100POS SMT GOLDMale PinHeader, Shrouded527 - Immediate
15211002601000CONN RECPT 100POS 1.27MM SMDReceptacleFemale Socket826 - Immediate
15150802601000CONN HEADER 80POS SMT R/A GOLDMale PinHeader, Shrouded436 - Immediate
15250682601000CONN RECPT 68POS 1.27MM R/AReceptacleFemale Socket497 - Immediate
15221002601000CONN RECPT 100POS 1.27MM SMDReceptacleFemale Socket522 - Immediate
15220802601000CONN RECPT 80POS 1.27MM SMDReceptacleFemale Socket260 - Immediate
15251002601000CONN RECPT 100POS 1.27MM R/AReceptacleFemale Socket519 - Immediate
15120402601000CONN HEADER 40POS SMT GOLDMale PinHeader, Shrouded560 - Immediate
15110802601000CONN HEADER 80POS SMT GOLDMale PinHeader, Shrouded560 - Immediate
15150062601000CONN HEADER 6POS SMT R/A GOLDMale PinHeader, Shrouded550 - Immediate
15210062601000CONN RECPT 6POS 1.27MM SMDReceptacleFemale Socket305 - Immediate
15250262601000CONN RECPT 26POS 1.27MM R/AReceptacleFemale Socket305 - Immediate
15110162601000CONN HEADER 16POS SMT GOLDMale PinHeader, Shrouded468 - Immediate
15120162601000CONN HEADER 16POS SMT GOLDMale PinHeader, Shrouded167 - Immediate
15220162601000CONN RECPT 16POS 1.27MM SMDReceptacleFemale Socket223 - Immediate
15120262601000CONN HEADER 26POS SMT GOLDMale PinHeader, Shrouded156 - Immediate
15210262601000CONN RECPT 26POS 1.27MM SMDReceptacleFemale Socket263 - Immediate
15210322601000CONN RECPT 32POS 1.27MM SMDReceptacleFemale Socket230 - Immediate
15110682601000CONN HEADER 68POS SMT GOLDMale PinHeader, Shrouded367 - Immediate
15120682601000CONN HEADER 68POS SMT GOLDMale PinHeader, Shrouded175 - Immediate
15210802601000CONN RECPT 80POS 1.27MM SMDReceptacleFemale Socket213 - Immediate
15210682601000CONN RECPT 68POS 1.27MM SMDReceptacleFemale Socket41 - Immediate
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