Single Deck Rotary Switches

Rotary Switches & Mechanical Encoders

Grayhill, Inc.

This tutorial will review the basic rotary switch terminology, including the types of terminals and contacts. We will discuss Grayhill's standard catalog options for rotary switches, as well as each the specific specs of each series.
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ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionNumber of PositionsIndex StopsNumber of DecksAvailable Quantity
56D30-01-1-AJN datasheet linkSWITCH ROTARY 2-12POS 200MA 115V56D30-01-1-AJNSWITCH ROTARY 2-12POS 200MA 115V2 ~ 12Adjustable11552 - Immediate
56D30-01-1-AJN product page link
42D36-01-1-AJN datasheet linkSWITCH ROTARY 2-10POS 1A 115V42D36-01-1-AJNSWITCH ROTARY 2-10POS 1A 115V2 ~ 10Adjustable1173 - Immediate
42D36-01-1-AJN product page link
56D30-01-2-AJN datasheet linkSWITCH ROTARY 2-6POS 200MA 115V56D30-01-2-AJNSWITCH ROTARY 2-6POS 200MA 115V2 ~ 6Adjustable195 - Immediate
56D30-01-2-AJN product page link
44D30-01-1-AJN datasheet linkSWITCH ROTARY 2-12POS 1A 115V44D30-01-1-AJNSWITCH ROTARY 2-12POS 1A 115V2 ~ 12Adjustable115 - Immediate
44D30-01-1-AJN product page link
42D36-01-2-AJN datasheet linkSWITCH ROTARY 2-5POS 1A 115V42D36-01-2-AJNSWITCH ROTARY 2-5POS 1A 115V2 ~ 5Adjustable120 - Immediate
42D36-01-2-AJN product page link
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Mechanical Encoder

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionEncoder TypeOutput TypePulses per RevolutionAvailable Quantity
25LB22-Q datasheet linkENCODER MECHANICAL 16POS PC MNT25LB22-QENCODER MECHANICAL 16POS PC MNTMechanicalQuadrature (Incremental)161967 - Immediate
25LB22-Q product page link
25LB15-Q datasheet linkENCODER MECHANICAL 24POS PC MNT25LB15-QENCODER MECHANICAL 24POS PC MNTMechanicalQuadrature (Incremental)24582 - Immediate
25LB15-Q product page link
26ASD22-01-1-AJS datasheet linkENCODER MECHANICAL 16POS BCD26ASD22-01-1-AJSENCODER MECHANICAL 16POS BCDMechanicalHexadecimal (Absolute)162281 - Immediate
26ASD22-01-1-AJS product page link
26ASD45-01-1-AJS datasheet linkENCODER MECHANICAL 8POS BCD26ASD45-01-1-AJSENCODER MECHANICAL 8POS BCDMechanicalOctal (Absolute)8475 - Immediate
26ASD45-01-1-AJS product page link
25LB10-Q datasheet linkENCODER MECHANICAL 36POS PC MNT25LB10-QENCODER MECHANICAL 36POS PC MNTMechanicalQuadrature (Incremental)361598 - Immediate
25LB10-Q product page link
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PTM Published on: 2011-10-12