MPC8536E PowerQUICC III Processor

NXP Semiconductors

The MPC8536E PowerQUICC™ III is an integrated communications processor designed to offer the unique combination of high performance, exceptional integration in a low power envelope to meet the demands of emerging media processing applications, communications equipment and industrial markets like medical and mil/aero. This presentation will provide information on the MPC8536’s power management advantages, different target applications, product features, and product roadmap.
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ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
MPC8536DS datasheet linkBOARD DEV SYSTEM MPC8536EMPC8536DSBOARD DEV SYSTEM MPC8536E0MPC8536DS product page link
MPC8536EAVTAQGA datasheet linkIC MPU MPC85XX 1.0GHZ 783FCBGAMPC8536EAVTAQGAIC MPU MPC85XX 1.0GHZ 783FCBGA0MPC8536EAVTAQGA product page link
MPC8536EAVTAVLA datasheet linkIC MPU MPC85XX 1.5GHZ 783FCBGAMPC8536EAVTAVLAIC MPU MPC85XX 1.5GHZ 783FCBGA0MPC8536EAVTAVLA product page link
MPC8536EBVTANGA datasheet linkIC MPU MPC85XX 800MHZ 783FCBGAMPC8536EBVTANGAIC MPU MPC85XX 800MHZ 783FCBGA0MPC8536EBVTANGA product page link
MPC8536EBVTAQGA datasheet linkIC MPU MPC85XX 1.0GHZ 783FCBGAMPC8536EBVTAQGAIC MPU MPC85XX 1.0GHZ 783FCBGA0MPC8536EBVTAQGA product page link
MPC8536EBVTATHA datasheet linkIC MPU MPC85XX 1.25GHZ 783FCBGAMPC8536EBVTATHAIC MPU MPC85XX 1.25GHZ 783FCBGA0MPC8536EBVTATHA product page link
MPC8536EBVTAULA datasheet linkIC MPU MPC85XX 1.333GHZ 783BGAMPC8536EBVTAULAIC MPU MPC85XX 1.333GHZ 783BGA0MPC8536EBVTAULA product page link
MPC8536EBVTAVLA datasheet linkIC MPU MPC85XX 1.5GHZ 783FCBGAMPC8536EBVTAVLAIC MPU MPC85XX 1.5GHZ 783FCBGA0MPC8536EBVTAVLA product page link
MPC8536ECVTAQGA datasheet linkIC MPU MPC85XX 1.0GHZ 783FCBGAMPC8536ECVTAQGAIC MPU MPC85XX 1.0GHZ 783FCBGA0MPC8536ECVTAQGA product page link
MPC8536ECVTATHA datasheet linkIC MPU MPC85XX 1.25GHZ 783FCBGAMPC8536ECVTATHAIC MPU MPC85XX 1.25GHZ 783FCBGA0MPC8536ECVTATHA product page link
MPC8536ECVTAULA datasheet linkIC MPU MPC85XX 1.333GHZ 783BGAMPC8536ECVTAULAIC MPU MPC85XX 1.333GHZ 783BGA0MPC8536ECVTAULA product page link
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PTM Published on: 2012-01-10