ZipLine 6 Pair Power IMLA

ZipLine™ Connector System

Amphenol FCI

This tutorial provides a mechanical overview of the connector system, discusses various connector module types and configurations.
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Related Parts

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
10076197-101LF datasheet linkCONN HDR 6PR 12IMLA VERT 1.8MM10076197-101LFCONN HDR 6PR 12IMLA VERT 1.8MM253 - Immediate
10076197-101LF product page link
10076209-101LF datasheet linkCONN RCPT 6PR 12IMLA R/A 1.8MM10076209-101LFCONN RCPT 6PR 12IMLA R/A 1.8MM10 - Immediate
10076209-101LF product page link
10078557-101LF datasheet linkCONN HDR 6PR 6IMLA ORTHO VERT10078557-101LFCONN HDR 6PR 6IMLA ORTHO VERT010078557-101LF product page link
10078550-101LF datasheet linkCONN RCPT 6PR 6IMLA R/A 3.6MM10078550-101LFCONN RCPT 6PR 6IMLA R/A 3.6MM010078550-101LF product page link
10078554-101LF datasheet linkCONN HDR ZIPLINE VERT10078554-101LFCONN HDR ZIPLINE VERT010078554-101LF product page link
10076222-101LF datasheet linkCONN HDR 6PR 12IMLA ORTHO VERT10076222-101LFCONN HDR 6PR 12IMLA ORTHO VERT010076222-101LF product page link
10077555-101LF datasheet linkCONN HEADER 6PR 12IMLA R/A 1.8MM10077555-101LFCONN HEADER 6PR 12IMLA R/A 1.8MM010077555-101LF product page link
10080638-101LF datasheet linkCONN HDR 6PR 12IMLA VERT 1.8MM10080638-101LFCONN HDR 6PR 12IMLA VERT 1.8MM010080638-101LF product page link
10084166-101LF datasheet linkCONN HDR 6PR 12IMLA VERT 1.8MM10084166-101LFCONN HDR 6PR 12IMLA VERT 1.8MM010084166-101LF product page link
10080640-101LF datasheet linkCONN HDR 6PR 12IMLA ORTHO VERT10080640-101LFCONN HDR 6PR 12IMLA ORTHO VERT010080640-101LF product page link
10084166-103LF datasheet linkCONN HDR 6PR 12IMLA VERT 1.8MM10084166-103LFCONN HDR 6PR 12IMLA VERT 1.8MM010084166-103LF product page link
10084160-101LF datasheet linkCONN HDR 6PR 16IMLS VERT 1.8MM10084160-101LFCONN HDR 6PR 16IMLS VERT 1.8MM010084160-101LF product page link
10084155-101LF datasheet linkCONN RCPT 6PR 16IMLA R/A 1.8MM10084155-101LFCONN RCPT 6PR 16IMLA R/A 1.8MM010084155-101LF product page link
10084164-101LF datasheet linkCONN RCPT 6PR 12IMLA R/A 1.8MM10084164-101LFCONN RCPT 6PR 12IMLA R/A 1.8MM010084164-101LF product page link
10084186-101LF datasheet linkCONN HDR 6PR 16IMLA VERT 1.8MM10084186-101LFCONN HDR 6PR 16IMLA VERT 1.8MM010084186-101LF product page link
10084164-102LF datasheet linkCONN RCPT 6PR 12IMLA R/A 1.8MM10084164-102LFCONN RCPT 6PR 12IMLA R/A 1.8MM010084164-102LF product page link
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PTM Published on: 2011-10-13