FCI Terminal Blocks

Terminal Blocks


This tutorial will introduce FCI’s terminal block products and overview their main specifications.  It will also explain how to access additional information such as an interactive product selector, product drawings, specifications, and 3D models.
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Related Parts
Manufacturer Part NumberDescriptionPackagingAvailable QuantityBuy Now
20020327-D021B01LFTERM BLOCK 2POS 3.81MM PCB HORIZBulk8671 - Immediate
20020316-H031B01LFTERM BLOCK 3POS 5.08MM PCB HORIZBulk10840 - Immediate
20020004-D101B01LFTERM BLOCK PLUG 10POS STR 3.81MMBulk1034 - Immediate
20020110-D021A01LFTERM BLOCK HDR 2POS R/A 3.81MMBulk1901 - Immediate
20020107-H021A01LFTERM BLOCK HDR 2POS VERT 5.08MMBulk1837 - Immediate
20020110-G021A01LFTERM BLOCK HDR 2POS R/A 5MMBulk1280 - Immediate
20020110-H021A01LFTERM BLOCK HDR 2POS R/A 5.08MMBulk1295 - Immediate
20020107-D041A01LFTERM BLOCK HDR 4POS VERT 3.81MMBulk2026 - Immediate
20020107-D031A01LFTERM BLOCK HDR 3POS VERT 3.81MMBulk3026 - Immediate
20020107-H041A01LFTERM BLOCK HDR 4POS VERT 5.08MMBulk3017 - Immediate
20020110-D041A01LFTERM BLOCK HDR 4POS R/A 3.81MMBulk2834 - Immediate
20020110-D031A01LFTERM BLOCK HDR 3POS R/A 3.81MMBulk3587 - Immediate
20020110-H041A01LFTERM BLOCK HDR 4POS R/A 5.08MMBulk2911 - Immediate
20020004-C021B01LF350 TB PLG PLUG 180Bulk2945 - Immediate
20020316-G031B01LFTERM BLOCK 3POS 5.00MM PCB HORIZBulk1732 - Immediate
20020008-D021B01LFTERM BLOCK PLUG 2POS 3.81MMBulk2599 - Immediate
20020107-D061A01LFTERM BLOCK HDR 6POS VERT 3.81MMBulk1561 - Immediate
20020107-D081A01LFTERM BLOCK HDR 8POS VERT 3.81MMBulk994 - Immediate
20020008-H021B01LFTERM BLOCK PLUG 2POS 5.08MMBulk1040 - Immediate
20020110-D061A01LFTERM BLOCK HDR 6POS R/A 3.81MMBulk1090 - Immediate
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PTM Published on: 2011-10-13